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An Anonymous LLC can protect the identity of the owners, members and managers of a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Beware of Nominee Services

Why the Small Business Owner Should Think Twice About Handing Their Company Over to Online Strangers. Nominee Services are common in the legal and financial fields.  Basically, they allow companies to elect another party to do tasks for them.  Generally, this allows the company to remain anonymous in such transactions. They are quite common place […]

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Stalker Survival and Owning a Business

How the Anonymous LLC allows for Business Owners to protect themselves from being a victim of harassment. There are many arguments that point to transparency in business ownership as a plus to the community at large. With lighting speed, information that once required the aid of a Private Detective to uncover is now just a […]

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Can Existing Companies be Made Anonymous?

If you have an existing company, is it possible to “make it anonymous” by removing ownership information that is listed online or made available by the Secretary of State? The quick answer is “no.” The longer answer is, “you can certainly change and update ownership information of your existing company, to remove or obfuscate ownership […]

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What is a DBA?

What is a DBA? A DBA stands for “doing business as”, and can be referred to as a “trade name” or “fictitious name” for a company, partnership or sole proprietorship. It’s like a pen-name or pseudonym, but for companies or others doing business in a state. When Do You File a DBA? Anyone that conducts […]

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The Florida Double LLC is Double Trouble

The right and ability to conduct business anonymously is very important to some. This is why we’ve offered one of the safest, and arguably, most legal, anonymous LLC set-ups in the business — for about the same price as “the other guys.” Although “hidden shell companies” receive bad press and a negative political narrative, the […]

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When to Register Foreign LLC

Definition A foreign limited liability company, or foreign LLC, is defined as a LLC that was formed in one state (i.e. its domestic state) and registered (as a foreign entity) in other states because it is transacting business in those other states. The foreign registration tells the appropriate state or states about the company and […]

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President Trump’s Tax Plan: Time to Incorporate or Form a LLC?

This is not an endorsement for or against President Trump or his recently introduced 2017 Tax Proposal. We’ve been encouraging business owners to incorporate or form a limited liability company (LLC) for a long time. For example, way back in February 2011, I wrote a blog article entitled Not Incorporating is Risky Business. After six […]

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