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What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property (IP) is a term that includes property that essentially comes from the mind, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, and, to a lesser extent, trade secrets. It is vital to understand the difference between the types of IP in order to determine what you and your business needs. Simply put, you copyright your expression of […]

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Trademark Office Action

USPTO calls it an Office Action, but let’s call it what it really is; It’s a rejection letter. For lack of a better metaphor, they have swiped left on your trademark application and they are just not that into you. So, let’s dive into the details of your letter and answer the all-important question at […]

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Do I Need to Change My Business Name? (I Just Learned Someone Else Has the Same Name)

When starting a new business, there are so many issues to concern yourself. Forming a company. Registering with the city. Filing taxes. Obtaining insurance. Hiring people. Forming partners. Opening a bank account and a merchant account. Finding customers, then fulfilling orders or providing services. Trying to get paid. Meeting payroll. Finding the right vendors. The […]

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Protecting Intellectual Property

2018 Pro Bono IP Fair

A Familiar Story Imagine creating something amazing. It’s well made and appreciated by your peers and shared among them. You spend time thinking and rethinking your work, making it better and better only to find someone has stolen your work and now you don’t have any legal claim to your own work because of a […]

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Trademark: Word mark, logo or slogan? What’s best?

Special Thanks: I want to thank Jackie Wheeler of HomeSchool ThinkTank, a client of L4SB, for letting me use her trademark as the example in this article. There is a small bio and description of Jackie and her company, as well as the designer who created the logo for Jackie’s company, at the end of […]

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IHOP is Now IHOB: Can it Work for Me?

IHOP versus IHOb IHOP recently pulled off a major marketing gimmick with their name change to “IHOb.” The change has drawn criticism from many, but it certainly got people talking. As far as marketing is concerned, it would be hard not to consider the change a success. In fact, if IHOP’s sales experience the spike […]

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Intellectual Property 101: Protecting Your Rights

Intellectual Property 101 Many small business owners are confused about intellectual property, or as the legal community calls it, IP. Unfortunately for many business leaders, they assume that IP is the same as copyright, or that IP only pertains to artists. This type of misunderstanding can lead to serious legal problems. Copyrights – Protect the […]

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Trademark Descriptiveness and Law Firm Trademarks in New Mexico

New Mexico law firms seem to have increasingly sought to protect their names or other trademarks recently.  Traditionally, firm names have been boring, consisting mainly of the last names of partners.  Lately firms have begun to realize that a good trademark can help drive business to their firm.  I thought it would be interesting to […]

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Trademarks Now Required for Amazon Brand Registry

Probably everyone is familiar with Amazon, one of the most successful and popular online retailers in the world.  Amazon’s popularity makes it one of the best places for businesses to sell products.  Unfortunately, it also makes it a tempting target for shady business to sell counterfeit or infringing products. Amazon is constantly looking for ways […]

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