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Anything involving strategic planning, including finance, operations, debt collection, etc.

Why Subchapter 5 Bankruptcy Might Be Key In Small Businesses Surviving COVID-19

The Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA) was signed into law in August 2019.  The new law was set to shore up the hole that had been created back in 2005 when the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act was unveiled.  The 2005 act significantly increased reporting requirements under Chapter 11 which left many business […]

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Considering Bankruptcy For Your Business?

Get your questions answered from a Bankruptcy Attorney. Nothing can be more frightening or intimidating than realizing bankruptcy might be a real necessity for your business. While the notion of bankruptcy may be that of financial failure, in many instances it can be a valuable tool to getting businesses back on track. We asked Stephanie […]

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Larry Donahue Gives Advice to Luxury Business Owners

In a recent interview with Luxe Beat Magazine, the Father of the Anonymous LLC talks privacy. Luxe Beat Magazine provides their readers with insider knowledge of unexpected luxury experiences. Targeting readers who lead a “sophisticated lifestyle”, the magazine sat down with Larry Donahue, Partner and Founder of Law 4 Small Business to discuss the use […]

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Labor Day On-Line Sale Happening Now!

25% off Human Resources Services & Products Starting now till September 7, 2020, HR services and products are on sale! Visit: to learn more. Enter discount code “hrlabor2020” at checkout to take advantage of the savings. *Terms and Conditions:  Discount must be applied at checkout for website purchases only. Only to be used for online […]

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Why shouldn’t I just start my LLC myself, without an attorney?

This is a common question – “Why should I hire you instead of just starting my LLC myself?”  It’s a fair question, but there are actually a number of really good reasons why you should have an attorney help you with your LLC formation. First and foremost, is an LLC the proper business entity for […]

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How Do You Remove a Member, Shareholder, Director, or Officer from Your Company?

A common question from many of our clients, or potential clients, is, “How do I remove someone from my company?”  Such a common question does not necessarily have an easy answer, to their dismay.  The are two possible scenarios – a company with governing documents that detail how the removal is done and a company […]

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PIN/Debit Card Network Vs. Credit Card Interchange Network

Which network is best for small businesses? There are lots of stories and myths out there as to the most cost efficient way for business owners to run credit and debit cards. In recent days, the notion of cost savings on merchant transactions has become even more important as small business owners are now facing […]

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What Are The Options To Laying Off Employees During COVID?

There are resources available. The key is knowing where to look. As a business owner, you may have heard about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, which are low-interest loans awarded by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to help cover payroll and some other operational costs. Assuming the loan proceeds are spent properly and other […]

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Information Used to Attack Judge’s Family Gathered Via Online Search.

Are Anonymous LLC’s The Answer to Protecting Personal Privacy in the Digital Age?  Two weeks ago, the doorbell rang at US District Court Judge Esther Salas’s home in New Jersey.  At the door, posing as a delivery person, was a gunman.  As the door was opened, the man fired on Judge Salas’s husband and 20-year-old […]

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