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Do You Know What Should Be In All Your Employees’ Files?

Do you have files on all your employees?  You know, their application for employment, I9, any write ups etc.?  If you do have files, are you confident you have everything you would need to hurdle an audit?  Do you have the proper documentation to defend your business should it be sued?  Do you have the necessary paperwork on hand to easily fill out termination or unemployment paperwork? Are you aware of the changes that effect employee files and retention due to COVID 19?  While keeping accurate files on employees may seem tedious, especially if you have regular turn over, the consequences involved with fines or lawsuits could really add up. 

Vanesa Lewinger, Human Resources Advisor, conducted a virtual workshop to explain all the basics when it comes to employee files. This workshop explores the correct way to set up employee files; the necessary paperwork that should go in them and much, much more. Enjoy and reach out to Vanesa here at L4SB if you have more questions.

Do you have specific questions about Human Resources and your business? Consult today with one of our Human Resources Advisors or Attorneys and let us help guide you through your employee related concerns.

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