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Learn The Top 10 Things Not To Do As A Business Owner.

Free virtual workshop next week. Top 10 Mistakes Business Owners Make.  Part 1- 2/22/2021  Part 2- 2/25/2021  25 +years and thousands of clients later, Attorney Larry Donahue has been able to identify the all-too-common mistakes small business owners everywhere, in every type of business make over and over again.   The good news is, once you […]

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Be Honest with Your Attorney


We’re not even through the second month in 2021, and it’s already happened to me twice: I had two different clients lie to me about the facts and circumstances surrounding their case. As an attorney, I proceeded along a course of action for both of these clients (completely different, unrelated matters and issues by the […]

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What The Heck Is Human Resources Anyway?!?!?!? Part 3

Administration Welcome to this week’s installment of “What the Heck is Human Resources?”. If you missed the first two you can find them here. This week we will use what we have learned in the first two installments to talk about how we can create balance and a strong Human Resources foundation for you small […]

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What You Need To Know When You Sell Goods & Services On-Line

Free Workshop 2/18/2021 Thinking about selling goods or services online?  You should.  If COVID-19 taught small businesses anything, it is the importance of an online presence in order to stay in business!  Learn about the important considerations that come with selling online.  From contract considerations when hiring someone to build a website, using and posting […]

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What The Heck is Human Resources!?!?!? Part 2

Understanding Corporate Culture Corporate culture is the character and personality of a business, the shared values and beliefs of leadership and staff, it’s the intangible driving force of an organization. It is also one of the most overlooked pieces of starting a business. In this week’s addition of “What the Heck is Human Resources?”, we […]

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What The Heck Is Human Resources?!?!

Business Correspondence Building Blocks

How many of you actually know what the term, “HR” really means? Most small businesses are actively working in the realm of Human Resources on a daily basis without even realizing it. Human Resources Awareness month may be in October but now feels like a great time to take a deeper dive into the main […]

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Are They An Employee Or An Independent Contractor?

Just because you call them a contractor doesn’t mean they are…. Attorney Joseph Turner looks at the conundrum that many business owners face when dealing with employees. Simply put, if classification of employees is handled inappropriately, the business owner could face a multitude of liabilities, including significant tax issues. Even if a worker is classified […]

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Encore Presentation: Small Businesses, PPP Funds and Tax Credits

Free Virtual Workshop For Business Owners This Friday 1/29/21 Firm Partner Larry Donahue and Tax Attorney Ian Alden have been asked back for an encore workshop to discuss PPP Funding and Tax Credits. You can sign up for this free workshop by visiting the Small Business Business Development Center’s website at : Details: Date: 1/29/21Time: 10:00 […]

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