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FREE Small Business Legal Clinic for Albuquerque Small Business

Second Saturday Free Legal Clinic

We at L4SB wanted to come up with some way of giving back to the small business community, so we devised ‘Second Saturdays,’ where any small business owner or leader needing professional business advice can come to our offices on the Second Saturday of every new quarter, and talk to legal, financial and other experts […]

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Commercial Leases: Avoid Getting Screwed

I’ll be the first to admit the title to this blog article is a bit raw or aggressive. I considered something subtler, like “Commercial Leases – Small Businesses Beware” or “Don’t Get Bitten by a Bad Commercial Lease.”  However, the fact of the matter is, many small businesses are absolutely taken to the cleaners by […]

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General Considerations When Choosing a Business Structure

After you have made the exciting, daunting and life-changing decision to go into business for yourself, probably the most critical and complex decision impacting the potential success of your business immediately presents itself: What form or type of business entity should you create? Many people are not really sure of what their options are in […]

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Lawyers Now Accepting Bitcoin for Payment

Bitcoin Accepted Here

Law 4 Small Business (L4SB) Now Accepts Bitcoin for Payments FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 24 April 2013 – Albuquerque, NM Pay With Bitcoin L4SB, a leading high-tech law firm focusing on the needs of small business, is proud to announce that it now accepts Bitcoin for the payment of small business legal services. “Our decision to […]

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No matter the size of your business, be online now …

Online Researching Business

I have hundreds of small businesses as clients. These small businesses are struggling to meet payroll. While there are many exceptions, most of my clients are focused on two things, and two things only: Serving the needs of their existing customers and trying to chase down new ones. Avoid the Trap of Neglecting Important Functions […]

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Zynga shows how us how NOT to form a company

This last February, I wrote a blog article entitled, Not Incorporating is Risky Business, where I highlighted some of the issues of remaining a sole proprietorship, versus incorporating. What that blog article didn’t touch on, and probably should have, is that while there are plenty of advantages in incorporating, it’s also very important to incorporate […]

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Top 10 Goals before the 2012 New Year

In a few short months, (almost) everyone on Planet Earth will share something in common: Everyone will say good bye to 2011 and ring in the 2012 New Year. For many people, that means a party, hangover and (new) unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions. This is seldom something most people need to plan and prepare for. […]

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