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What is Strict Liability, and Should You Care?

Finger Pointing Strict liability is probably not a term you use in your business everyday, but it pays to be careful when it comes to liability. Especially since a few steps now can prevent a legal nightmare in the future. Strict liability basically means that the defendant is liable for some wrongdoing, even though the […]

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How to Write an Effective Proposal

Can You Sell Yourself? Imagine you are taking about your business to a potential client. They love the idea and want to hear more. Can you pitch your whole business in 60 seconds? Ready…set…GO! Not so simple is it? What is your business? Software? Janitorial? SEO Marketing? Water filtration? Contractor? Many businesses sell complex, custom […]

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Starting Your Website

THE INTERNET: MORE THAN JUST CAT VIDEOS In the third quarter of 2015, can you even name a business that doesn’t have an online presence? Quite simply we businesses cannot live without the Internet. Each and every year, traditional “brick and mortar” businesses are finding an ever increasing share of their business coming from Internet-based […]

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Don’t Get Screwed – Managing Website Vendors

THE SALES PITCH Have you ever built a website before? Most small businesses lack the technical ‘know-how’ or time to establish a strong online presence. As such, small businesses outsource their online presence to one of the many Internet vendors. Sadly, not all vendors are trustworthy and small businesses often fall prey to illegitimate vendors […]

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The Trouble with NM CRS Identification Numbers

New Mexico CRS Identification Numbers If you’ve just setting up your new business or you already have one, chances are you’ve somewhat familiar with the New Mexico CRS (Combined Reporting System). The State of New Mexico requires that each business entity be registered with a NM CRS Identification Number for taxation purposes. Its quite easy […]

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