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Presenting Human Resources 4 Small Business

Law 4 Small Business continues to work to be the small business owner’s trusted advisor and best resource when it comes to business ownership.  Currently, L4SB offers services and products to form and run your business. Now L4SB offer services and tools to create and build your team while protecting your business, including our newest product Human Resources 4 Small Business!

Law 4 Small Business Proudly Introduces HR4SB!

L4SB has put together a team of Attorneys and HR Professionals to assist you in all things Human Resources.  Whether it be assistance with compliance paperwork or defending your business from EEOC charge or a lawsuit, HR4SB is here for you! 

Meet our Human Resources Team Leaders:

David Richter, Esq.

David Richter, Esq.

David is Litigation Attorney.  Over his 14-year legal career David has represented multiple school districts and community colleges throughout the state of New Mexico concerning HR matters.  He has assisted clients with ADA interactive processes, employee relations and EEOC Defenses. He has worked with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and defended multiple municipalities against Section 1983 claims.   David also has experience with the Federal False Claims Act; specifically, with qui tam (whistle blower) defense. 

David graduated cum laude from the University of California Santa Cruz, where in 2000, he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Politics.  He followed up with a Juris Doctor (JD) in 2005 from the University of California Davis School of Law.  David also holds a Certificate in Arabic Studies (2000).  David is fluent in Spanish and can converse in both German and Arabic well enough to “stay out of trouble.”

Vanesa Lewinger, PHR, SHRM-CP

Vanesa is an innovative, experienced and self-motivated HR professional adept at creating and nurturing an employee-oriented culture of professional excellence, focused on goal-attainment and utilizing a process-oriented approach to obtain win- win results. 

Vanesa has over a decade of HR experience including but not limited to employee relations, payroll, benefits administration, HR Information Systems (HRIS), worker’s compensation administration, conflict mediation and resolution, investigations, exit interviews, management of FMLA and other leave claims as well as ADA guidance.  

Having owned and managed a business herself, Vanesa knows the concerns business owners share and the importance of having affordable, reputable professionals available to consult with when problems arise.  Most importantly, Vanesa understands that instituting a work environment of professionalism, structure and fun is the best way for business owners to stay HR complaint and out of trouble.

Vanesa was awarded her Bachelor of Science in 2004 from Bridgewater State College where she majored in Human Resource Management.  Vanesa also received Professional Human Resources Certification in 2011 and SHRM Certification in 2015.    

Human Resources Employee Management Services

Visit our new suite of Employee Management Services to learn about all the ways L4SB can help your business with the following:

  • HR Policy Manuals (creation or review of existing policies and procedures)
  • Evaluation/Audits of Employee Files
  • Instruction on how to correctly fill out new employee paperwork
  • Toxic/Problem employee consultations and advice
  • Steps on how to write up/discipline problem employees
  • Assistance with EEOC complaints/creation of Position Statements
  • FMLA assistance
  • ADA assistance/strategic planning
  • Assistance with I9 paperwork or audits
  • Training to guard against harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • Tips and Strategies to help create happy and productive workplaces

Visit our YouTube Channel to learn more about these products and our HR team.

Employees are a business’s most valuable asset.  Don’t leave yourself or your business open to unnecessary lawsuits or fines by not investing in quality HR administration.    With HR4SB, Small businesses can afford HR expertise and guidance, today!

Call us at 505.715.5700 or contact us to set up a consultation.


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