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Why An Anonymous Business Structure Might Be Just Right For You.

Picture it. It’s 2 AM and you are in bed next to your partner. You should be asleep, but an ad on your phone has sparked your interest.

You double-check to ensure your partner is sleeping before activating the “incognito mode” on your phone. Ah, yes! Before you know it, you find yourself immersed in the beautiful world of Clowns.

You have always loved clowns, but the world around you has never understood the affinity; rather, it is generally met with scorn, ridicule, or a sense of vexation. Ever since you were a kid, you envisioned owning a small company that specialized in selling clown props and paraphernalia, and now, with e-commerce being the retail mogul that it has become, the tangibility of this dream seems more palpable than ever… But the worries of public perception stifle your vigor and cause you to grow reticent at the prospect of following your dreams, not wanting your name tied to this endeavor.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Golly, this guy knows my entire life’s story and it’s as though he’s speaking directly to and through my soul with a level of clairvoyance unknown to this world!” While yes, I appreciate the superlatives, this is merely an example I am setting forth to illuminate the myriad of reasons that an individual might wish to start a business without their personal information being publicly and directly tied to the endeavor.

Whether you are into clowns, trying to hide your current exploits from an overly invested ex-partner, or simply would just prefer to be unlisted on your local Secretary of State’s website, an Anonymous, Parent/ Child formation could be exactly what you need.

Contrary to what the name suggests, this type of LLC formation will not grant you any sort of comic book supervillain status wherein which you are exempt from answering to the IRS or any other federal or state level laws or regulations; rather, this is a perfectly legal formation that adheres to all state and federal compliance regulatory measures. You are essentially installing a figurehead of sorts to act as the name and face of your formation to the public, while you still retain all the real power and influence over the structure.

Whether you have niche interests, are wanting a more clandestine business structure, or simply wish to remain hidden from public searches at the secretary of state’s level, an anonymous LLC formation might be perfect for you and your business.

If this sounds appealing, or has even remotely sparked your interest, shoot us an email, or give us a call today! We would be delighted to answer your questions and help get you started at your earliest convenience.

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