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Contracts & Agreements

Our Process:

Hire experienced business attorneys to help ensure your business contracts are effective!

Contracts & Agreements

L4SB has significant experience in reviewing, creating, drafting and negotiating business contracts and agreements, the lifeblood of your small business. L4SB also can help with dispute resolution, when it comes time to enforce a contract or push the other party into rectifying a breach of contract.

Our business contracts and business transaction experience includes:

  • Flat-rate contract review (learn more), to quickly review an existing contract at a cost-effective price ($25/page, minimum 4-pages)
  • Draft or create a new contract, according to the particular needs and circumstances of your business and the relationship to the other party
  • Negotiate a contract, with opposing counsel or the other party directly, to ensure your interests are met without souring or killing a deal or important relationship
  • Help resolve contract disputes, by working with you, opposing counsel, or directly with the other party, to help ensure compliance, resolve breach of contract issues, or to steer through a parting of ways

Without legal training, you are at a disadvantage. Simply put, without legal training, you are at a disadvantage when reviewing a contract. The law is riddled with a myriad of rules governing contracts. Rules for certain activities. Rules for certain forms of language. Rules on whether something is valid or not. Rules on whether something is said or not.

For example, did you know that when you pay a non-employee (i.e. independent contractor) to create something for you (i.e. statue, recording, painting, neon sign, or website), that non-employee actually owns the copyright on that something? That is, unless you have a contract in place, containing very specific language indicating “Work Made for Hire”.

What purpose do contracts serve?

Contracts and agreements have many purposes. They outline the relationship between the parties. They govern the terms and conditions of a relationship. They outline the rights and duties of the parties. As it relates to duties, a contract forces the parties to write down the specifics, and a good contract will also account for when things don’t work out the way they are supposed to (i.e. how to handle price increases, delays in delivery, lack of performance, substandard performance, etc, etc, etc).

A good contract can help avoid costly lawsuits or litigation in the future. Unfortunately, many business owners neglect to really pay attention to (or require) contracts. They fall on the trust or goodwill they have with a particular individual, and forget that companies change hands. People change, leave or become incapacitated. Invariably, business relationships end. Sometimes badly.

This is when contracts become critical. Seldom does a breakup end with shaking hands, and the parties going their separate ways. Instead, there is fault, blame, money, service or product to be sorted out. Customers and employees to protect. Reputations at stake.

What types of contracts has L4SB worked on?

L4SB’s business contracts and business transaction experience includes:

  • Asset Purchase Agreements (APA’s)
  • Commercial leases / landlord-tenant agreements (learn more)
  • Customer or client services agreement (learn more)
  • Employment agreements & contracts; Employee / employer contracts (learn more)
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • International trade agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Online terms of service (TOS)
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s)
  • Partnerships / joint ventures
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Promissory notes
  • Separation agreements
  • Sub-contractor agreements
  • Vendor contracts
  • Request for proposal
  • Marketing Plan template

L4SB can help you with any business contract, whether one of the ones listed above or something different. Contact us to learn more or discuss your specific business contract or business transaction needs.

How to get started

Simply fill out the L4SB Engagement Agreement (Click the “Hire Us” tab underneath the map), and send back to us with your contract (MS Word version, if possible) and a bullet-list of relevant issues or concerns you may have. Our attorneys will review the contract, contact you with questions, and once completed, send you an invoice for the review. Once our invoice is paid, we will send you a “track changes” version of the contract, along with any issues, concerns, comments or risks we may have identified.

Or, simply call us to get started!

Other relevant information

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