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Intellectual Property Services including…

File a Trademark:

$550 + Filing Fees
Licensed trademark attorneys to help you identify class codes, validate your trademark and properly file your trademark application with the USPTO.
  • Case handled by TM attorney
  • FREE TM assessment ($225 value)
  • Assistance with class codes
  • Proper filing with the USPTO
  • FREE Trademark E-Book
  • FREE 15-minute Q&A session with TM attorney

File a Trademark

Register a Copyright:

$550 + Filing Fees
Copyright attorneys will answer questions, guide you through the process, and help properly file your copyright application.
  • Case handled by copyright attorney
  • Assistance with copyright process
  • Proper filing with the US Copyright Office
  • FREE Copyright E-Book
  • FREE 15-minute Q&A session with attorney

Register a Copyright

Trademark Assessment:

$349 Flat-Rate
Need to determine if someone else may be using the same name as your company name? Or, are you considering expanding your business, and don’t want to be hassled with a trademark infringement lawsuit? Let trademark attorneys conduct a detailed trademark search using Google and the US Patent and Trademark Office database, to give you a risk assessment for your particular company name.
FREE with trademark registration, or a small flat-rate fee if you want to evaluate your brand name.

Trademark / Trade Name Assessment

Perfecting Trade Secrets:

Billed at Hourly Rates
Trade secret law can protect valuable business information, provided you keep it secret. L4SB can show you how to protect your customer lists, important product information and more.
  • Know your options and rights
  • Learn how to create and maintain trade secret information
  • Prevent competitors from using your trade secret information
  • Demand or cease and desist letters, as appropriate

Licensing Agreements:

Billed at Hourly Rates
Licensing agreements help to protect your intellectual property and ensure you receive proper payment for the use of that intellectual property.
  • Don’t risk downloading a form off the Internet. Read why: lawyers, not scriveners.
  • Royalty arrangements, careful considerations for “profits”
  • Precise definition of “derivative works”
  • Negotiations assistance
  • Many other issues dealt with …

Prior Art Search & Evaluation:

Billed at Hourly Rates
Not sure whether your idea is unique and non-obvious for a patent? L4SB attorneys are former engineers and can help you conduct your prior art search, and evaluate the prior art.
  • Brainstorm with patent attorney
  • Review and evaluate the prior-art
  • Referrals to experts with the right background for your particular invention
  • Discuss best approach to maximize revenue opportunities for your idea

Strategic Planning:

Billed at Hourly Rates
“Strategic Planning” refers to the “big picture,” and how law intersects with other aspects of your business. Take trade secret law, for example. Knowing the requirements of trade secret law, and weaving it into your operations, can reap big dividends in protecting your valuable assets.
  • Incorporate strategy into all business operations
  • Reduce costs, and increase value
  • Increase IP portfolio opportunities

Customer Testimonial:

What customers are saying …

Mr. Donahue, was punctual and precise on advising on a purchase agreement document. He covered many angles to protect your investments.

Felix A. - Boulder, CO

Customer Testimonial:

What customers are saying …

This is the first time we’ve had to hire a lawyer for our small business needs. Larry was recommended by our consultant, and we were thrilled to have found someone so honest, moral, and hardworking to represent us. He was

Linda J. - Santa Fe, NM

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