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L4SB Limited Engagement Agreement

We aim to have high quality working relationships and agreements with our business partners. Our Limited Engagement Agreement helps facilitate our client relationship with you and is a first step to meeting our promise of client protection. It is a requirement to form an attorney-client relationship which allows us to keep your privileged information secure.

The Details

The Limited Engagement Agreement is a contract between you (the Client) and us (Law 4 Small Business). It provides us with introductory information, clarifies the scope and limits of the partnership to be formed, and describes the methods that business will be conducted between us. It is designed to protect you by ensuring that we understand each other’s policies and workings before we move ahead together. Since it is a legal contract, some language is “legalese” by nature, but we have sought to make it as understandable as possible.

Our promise to you:
  • L4SB agrees to communicate promptly.
  • We will contact you before we renew any recurring fees.
  • L4SB will provide timely and relevant information to the client on updates and progress of the service to be provided.
  • L4SB will not expense any additional fees not previously agreed upon without express consent of the client.
  • L4SB will keep all records safe and confidential. We promise to uphold attorney-client privilege in all instances outlined by law.


You may call us anytime if you have questions about our service or this agreement.

(888) 992-4952

Client Information

Please tell us a little bit about you, as well as the client we are forming an attorney-client relationship with.