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Evaluation of Trademark
Office Actions & Declarations

$49 Flat Rate

What’s Included:
  • Review of USPTO Notice
  • Conducted by a licensed trademark attorney
  • Flat-Rate Quote for Timely Answer
  • Fee applied to our response, if you hire us

    The USPTO issues many documents to trademark applicants and registrants alike. If you ignore them or do not respond, it is very likely your trademark registration will be declined or your trademark registration cancelled. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to issue a cost-estimate without examining the actual notice from the USPTO.

    For a small flat-rate fee, we will examine the notice from the USPTO and let you know our thoughts. If it makes sense to reply to the USPTO, we’ll give you a flat-rate quote. If you hire us to reply, we’ll apply the fee you paid for this review to discount the fees associated with our reply.

    This is NOT the cost of an actual reply to the USPTO, and we reserve the right to refuse to reply after examining your documents. Furthermore, if you ask us to review documents within two weeks of their deadline, you may need to pay the costs of an extension with the USPTO.

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