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Business Valuation Consultation


  • Interested in learning the value of your business or a portion of it? Business valuations are an in-depth analysis of your business and every aspect of its operations. Business valuations are commonly used in various transactions such as buy/sell agreements, establishing partnership ownership percentages, divorce proceedings and taxation issues just to name a few. Since so many important decisions are based on the value of your business, it is crucial to ensure that the methods used to calculate value are accurate.

    Talk (over the phone) with a certified financial planner for up to 30-minutes to determine what information will be necessary to begin the valuation process and answer any questions you may have about business valuations.

    Please note this consult will not produce an actual valuation for your company, this is just the first step. This consult does not permit face-to-face meetings.

    Please contact us if you need to arrange for a face-to-face meeting, desire formal representation, need a long-term relationship, or have other requirements.

    Please read the Terms & Conditions of this Consult.
  • Please list any additional information you would like to include prior to scheduling your consultation.

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Business Valuation Consultation

Talk with a certified financial planner to discuss business valuations.  This is a 30-minute consult, and while you will not get a formal valuation out of this meeting, you’ll get a lot of your questions answered, understand the issues around business valuation, and give you the option of starting the process (formal business valuations would be an additional charge).

What’s Included:

  • 30-minute consultation with a certified financial planner
  • After your order, we will email you within 24 business hours (or less) a calendar invite to schedule a mutually convenient time to talk

Our business valuation professional is licensed in the State of New Mexico, and can therefore only provide financial advice  to individuals and businesses located in the State of New Mexico. For everyone else, our business valuation professional can provide “general advice”.

We cannot represent individuals or businesses outside the State of New Mexico (NM). For all other states, this consult is for quick advice and educational purposes only, not long-term representation.

This consult will not deliver a formal valuation for your business (there is a lot of work to do this, and a 30-minute consult doesn’t provide enough time).

Once you talk with our business valuation professional, there are no refunds.

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