New Mexico Assisting Attorney

$99.00 / month

New Mexico Assisting Attorney for compliance with Rule 16-119 NMRA, Succession Planning.


L4SB as Your Assisting Attorney

Do you need an Assisting Attorney as Pursuant to Rule 16-119 NMRA? Look no further than L4SB! Our plan is month-to-month, cancel at any time.

What’s Included:

  • Rule 16-119 NMRA compliance
  • Certificate of Compliance as required in 16-119(C)
  • Pricing is based on Average Number of Open Matters for your practice, per attorney

What’s NOT Included:

  • Additional assistance, as need, to help flesh out your Succession Plan (available for an additional fee)

Terms for Assisting Attorney

  • L4SB reserves the right to resign as the Assisting Attorney, with no notice, if it is not paid, determines the information it has on file is false, is unable to contact you, or its ongoing role as your Assisting Attorney violates the Rules of Professional Conduct (or we have reason to believe it could violate the Rules).
  • L4SB’s ability to serve as your Assisting Attorney demands that you provide it with either a copy of your Succession Plan, or that you inform L4SB where it can obtain your Succession Plan in the event you are unavailable due to death or incapacity.
  • You agree you will notify L4SB in all instances you materially change your Succession Plan, or change where your Succession Plan may be located.
  • You agree that L4SB, the law firm, and not any particular attorney, will be your Assisting Attorney.
  • You and L4SB both agree to modify these Terms, or the role of the Assisting Attorney, as needed to remain in compliance with the Rules.
  • L4SB fees are to act as your Assisting Attorney during the term of the engagement. All fees paid to L4SB are non-refundable, and not fees paid for a future service — the service is provided on a monthly basis.
  • You can cancel this service at any time, by notifying us in writing or in email to [email protected] You agree that you cannot cancel this service orally or with a phone call.
  • Pricing depends on the average number of open matters for your practice, and you represent and agree to keep L4SB informed as this number changes. L4SB reserves the right to resign as the Assisting Attorney or change its pricing, if the average number of open matters for your practice changes or you fail to keep us informed as to the actual size of your practice.