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Human Resources Subscription Service

Unlimited monthly On-Call HR Support Have an employee situation that you’re not quite sure how to handle and wish you had an experienced Human Resources person to reach out to? Our monthly HR Services Subscription allows you to do just that. Your monthly premium will give you unlimited access to a Professional of Human Resources […]

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Human Resources Consultation

Business Correspondence Building Blocks

Effective employee management can make or break a business. Employee issues, policy manuals, hiring, firing, employment documentation, compliance…the “to-do” list can seem never ending and to a small business owner, completely overwhelming. We understand that you do not have the time to become an expert in Human Resources. Our Human Resources support services will allow […]

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HR4SB Packaged Solutions

Whatever the reason, L4SB can help you tackle all your Human Resources needs, from employee relations to compliance and everything in between. Human Resources for Small Business will help you every step of the way as your business and workforce grow. Choose the option that is best for you.StartupSustainSharpen Startup: Best for newly established businesses […]

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Employee Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreements Non-disclosure agreements are also sometimes known as confidentiality agreements or proprietary information agreements.   Non-disclosure agreements are contracts between two (or more) parties agreeing to not disclose information that is outlined in the agreement to others.  This confidential agreement is commonly used in business to protect proprietary information, client information (such as customer lists) […]

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Equal Pay Audits

What does Equal Pay mean? Essentially equal pay means that employees performing similar duties, with similar experience, education, and responsibility should be paid equally, for equal work.  Often over the course of running a business, business owners neglect to go back routinely and ensure all their employees are being paid equally overtime.  While a business […]

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Toxic Employee Consultation

What is a toxic employee? “Toxic workers do not recognize a duty to the organization for which they work or their coworkers in terms of ethics or professional conduct towards others.  Toxic workers define relationship with coworkers not by organizational structure but by coworkers they favor and by those they do not like or trust.” […]

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EEOC Violation Defense

What is the EEOC? The EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the organization charged with enforcing laws that deal with discrimination of employees or applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin, age (40 or older) disability or genetic information. When a charge is filed against […]

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Policy and Procedure Review

Why Review Your Existing HR Handbook? Effective Policies and Procedures are the key to any place of business.   Clear policies that are compliant with employment law allow business owners to sleep easier at night.  Whether you have had your business for a while or have just acquired a new one, it is always important to […]

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