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Many government and public agencies require a formal written request for public records and information. Not only can these requests be an administrative hassle, they can potentially expose your personal information. Law 4 Small Business takes care of all that by handling the request for you, all while protecting your confidentiality through attorney-client privilege.

“A citizen has a fundamental right to have access to public records. The citizen’s right to know is the rule and secrecy is the exception. Where there is no contrary statute…, the right to inspect public records must be freely allowed.”NEWSOME, 90 N.M. AT 797; INSPECTION OF PUBLIC RECORDS ACT COMPLIANCE GUIDE

What is an Anonymous Request for Public Information?

Public information held by government agencies may be accessed by the public via specific request protocols that are defined by each state. The request process allows citizens to obtain information that is not available through other means such as background check websites and state court case lookups. By using L4SB for your request you can rest assured that the request will be properly and your privacy will be protected.

Record Type Examples

As a landlord, I needed to start documenting
that my renter was truly a nuisance. I needed
to build a case to show the tenant was wildly
disruptive and inconsiderate to the neighbors.
I was able to get information that documented
every time my rental’s address had been the
subject of a dispatch call to the police as well as
what the reasons were for the call. The information
I collected through IPRA proved that the tenants
were constantly the subject of noise & disruptive
behavior complaints. This information proved disruptive
behavior that was in violation of the lease agreement.
I was able to evict them from the property.

Why Use L4SB for Anonymous Public Information Requests?

Maximize Your Personal and Business Privacy.
Since the requests are being made by L4SB, our clients’ names and identifying information are never listed on the requests. Such personal information is required when a citizen makes information requests themselves.

Information provided by the requests help business owners make better decisions. 
  • Learn information about an individual’s character such as arrest records, tax liens, and 911 calls before your hire or go into business with them.
  • Learn information to better your own business such as how your business could have been more competitive in previously submitted RFP requests.
  • Perform quality due diligence before entering into contracts with individuals or businesses.

Mitigate Your Request Being Denied
L4SB has vast experience in Anonymous Public Information Requests processes as well as navigating within government entities.  Since your request for information letter will be drafted by legal professionals, the language, verbiage and terminology will be conducive to governmental procedure and are less likely to be rejected due to lack of specificity or being overly burdensome.* 
*Government Agencies may deny a request due to specific objections. While L4SB will do everything possible to ensure the request is not rejected, it may still occur. Clients should be advised that a rejection on the part of a government agency does not entitle the client to a refund for the service L4SB provided. However, should a rejection occur, L4SB will submit one updated request to the agency free of charge to the client.
Before selecting the builder for our new home,
I wanted to make sure that the architect, engineer
and construction company were reputable business people.
I didn’t want my life’s savings to be in the hands of
questionable or unprofessional people.

How Does the Law 4 Small Business Anonymous Public Information Request Work?

First, gather as much information as you can around the event you require information on.  To help ensure you receive the specific information you desire make sure that you:
  • Limit the scope of the search to a specific timeline.
  • Be very specific as to the information you are wanting to obtain.
  • Make sure to include as much identifying information as possible. For example, RFP request number, exact address, account numbers, dates, full names, alias, etc.
  • Note:  This service is not conducive to large scale, blanket searches of vague information on multiple parties. It is intended only for specific information from specific governmental agencies on specific matters.  

Once you have your information ready, proceed to GET STARTED and fill in the requested information. A legal professional will submit a carefully worded letter, signed by an attorney and any accompanying paper work to the government agencies you are requesting information from.  Since Law 4 Small Business is making the request on your behalf, you will always remain anonymous throughout the process.

Once the information from the request has been received from the government agency, the legal professional assigned to your matter will assemble the information and send the findings to you via email or US Mail.

I simply could not understand why my company was
not awarded a contract with the State. I felt like the RFP
we had submitted was the best. I needed to see the
exact reasoning for my company losing the bid
for myself and make the internal changes within my
company that would make us more
competitive in the future.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

Our Anonymous Public Records Services Pricing: $1,000 Limited time $399 flat rate, which includes one custom written request letter issued by a licensed attorney, submitted to one governmental agency, regarding 3 or less specific information requests. (Additional requests are $99 each.) The flat fee also includes the delivery of findings via email. Additional custom written letters to other agencies regarding the same information are $150 each.   

Flat Rate Anonymous Search

$1,000 Limited time $399 flat rate anonymous search. Additional custom written letters to other agencies regarding the same information are $150 each.

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