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Need to convert your business entity? We take the hassle and uncertainty out of converting your LLC to a S-Corp or C-Corp, or your Corporation to a LLC.

What is an Entity Conversion?

An Entity Conversion changes the type of entity (i.e. Corporation to LLC, or visa-versa) within the same state it is formed. Most businesses (although not all) are either LLC’s or Corporations, and when it makes sense to change it to a different type of entity, you need to convert the entity. The most common types of entity conversions are LLC’s to S-Corporations or C-Corporations, although some business owners desire to change from Corporation to LLC because it’s less expensive to maintain in the long-term or for other legal reasons.

If you want to register your company in another state, that is called a Foreign LLC or Foreign Corporation, not an Entity Conversion. If you want to move your company to another state, that is called a Merger or Domestication, not an Entity Conversion. Finally, if you’re operating a business as a sole proprietorship, and you want to start operating under a corporate entity, you simply want to form a Corporation or form a LLC, depending on your needs. We also have an Entity Selection Tool, if you’re not sure what type of entity you want.

L4SB is proud to provide a low-cost, flat-rate option for Entity Conversion. We work with you, as appropriate, to perform an effective conversion.

Why Do an Entity Conversion?

An Entity Conversion is helpful when the business desires the advantages provided by another entity type, or when trying to avoid disadvantages of their current entity type. The most common reasons to perform an Entity Conversion include:

Tax Advantages
In rare instances, accountants or CPA’s will advise you to “convert to a S-Corporation”. If your company is currently a LLC, and if this is why you are considering an Entity Conversion, please double-check with your accountant or CPA, to make sure they are recommending a “Corporation taxed under Subchapter S” versus “Keeping your LLC, and simply taxing it as a S-Corp”. In rare circumstances, Corporations can provide some tax advantages over LLC’s.
Request by Investors
In some instances, we’ve seen investors show preferences towards Corporations versus LLC’s. An Entity Conversion is a great way to convert your LLC to a Corporation, to improve its appeal for investors. Note that we do not recommend an Entity Conversion for this reason, unless you’ve been specifically asked by one or more investors.
Long-Term Simplicity
Corporations are harder (and more expensive) to manage and maintain. Some business owners desire to simplify their lives, by converting their Corporation to a LLC.

Why is L4SB Best for Your Entity Conversion?

Simply put, L4SB is a law firm. Although we are not licensed in all states, our people are competent, well-trained and licensed in numerous states. You cannot get the attention-to-detail and professionalism from anyone else. Furthermore, L4SB provides these benefits:

Full Entity Conversion versus Tax Status Change
We understand the difference, and will work with you to do what’s best for you and your company.
Full Service
We do more than simply send out an Articles of Conversion. We work with you to make sure you have the right documents necessary for your final entity. That includes Bylaws / Shareholder Agreement (for LLC to Corporation Entity Conversion) or a high-quality, highly customized Operating Agreement (for Corporation to LLC Entity Conversion).
Expedited Handling Available
Need an Entity Conversion in a hurry? When you expedite, we pay the state rush fees and mail documents using overnight delivery. Depending on how quickly you can turn around information to us, your Entity Conversion can usually be handled within a matter of days or a week at most.

At last, an Entity Conversion offering that is customizable, flexible, fast and cost-effective.

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“Larry has been an invaluable asset to our small business. His expertise has enabled us to move forward with what has been a challenging situation. We have received thoughtful advice, and expert analysis of contracts, operating agreements and ongoing issues. We highly recommend Law4Small Business as a must for any small business owner.”Lisa J. – Los Angeles, CA

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