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It's time to create employee agreements and contracts that protect your business, help reduce HR expenses, and pull you off the "hire and train hamster wheel".

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements are also sometimes known as confidentiality agreements or proprietary information agreements.  

Non-disclosure agreements are contracts between two (or more) parties agreeing to not disclose information that is outlined in the agreement to others.  This confidential agreement is commonly used in business to protect proprietary information, client information (such as customer lists) or trade secret information (such as recipes and more).  Such agreements are also used when two companies are evaluating each other’s products, services or businesses for the purpose doing business together or merging. 

Types of Non-Disclosures Agreements we can create for our clients:

  • Unilateral
  • Bilateral
  • Multilateral

Give us a call today so we can start working on a confidentiality agreement that meets your specific business’s needs.  We also offer a professional, cost-effective template available for sale on the Internet — learn more.

Non-Compete Agreements for Employees

A Non-Compete Agreement between a business owner and an employee prohibits an employee from participating in activities with another competitor party during and after employment with the company they have the agreement with.  This generally includes the employee starting their own company or practice in a similar field as the one in which they have a non-compete with. 

With a well-executed non-compete agreement, business owners do not have to worry that they are investing in their employees only to have them leave to work elsewhere in competition with the business — and potentially taking your clients with them!

Writing a non-compete agreement is tricky. Some jurisdictions render them unenforceable on their face, while others (like New Mexico) permit them but require them to be “reasonable in scope.” Different aspects of non-competition can be very helpful to a business, such as non-solicitation, confidentiality and protection of trade secrets.

Give us a call today to discuss how Law 4 Small Business can assist your business in creating an enforceable non-compete that will protect your business and clients.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Did you know that without the right contract in place with your Independent Contractor, such folks own the copyrights for anything you have them produce for your company?

Independent Contractor Agreements are absolutely critical to protect your business, and establish expectations with your contractors. Such agreements establish payment terms, intellectual property ownership, dispute resolution, confidentiality and trade secret of your important information (think customer lists, recipes, sensitive information), and much more.

Give us a call today to discuss options around contracts for your contractors.  We offer a professional, cost-effective template available for sale on the Internet — learn more.

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