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Are your employees paid equally for equal work? Have a L4SB HR Professional compare pay, job descriptions and tasks among your employees and alert you to areas of concern with The Equal Pay Act.

What does Equal Pay mean?

Essentially equal pay means that employees performing similar duties, with similar experience, education, and responsibility should be paid equally, for equal work. 

Often over the course of running a business, business owners neglect to go back routinely and ensure all their employees are being paid equally overtime. 

While a business owner may only have good intentions and never intend to pay employees disproportionately, they still are accountable for ensuring they comply with the Equal Pay Act.  Unlike other types of Employment Law, The Equal Pay Act does not require a business to have a minimum number of employees to comply with the law.  

How does the Equal Pay Audit work?

An L4SB HR Professional will conduct an audit of your job descriptions and the associated employees’ files.   Our HR Professional will use their expertise to determine if you’re in compliance with the Equal Pay Act.  If the audit results in a finding that your business may not be following the Equal Pay Act, our HR Professional will submit written recommendations for you to consider in order to be in compliance go forward.

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