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I-9 Audit

Are you prepared?

Is your business prepared for a visit from ICE? It's time to have our HR Professionals review your employees’ I-9’s and advise you of any areas of concern.

Protect your business and your employees.

If you have employees, you need to have a correctly completed I-9 with copies of supporting documents.  I-9 is a form that must be completed upon hire and kept on file at your business.  Incorrect information on the I-9 can result in fines, even for the smallest technical violation. 

 With ever-increasing audits of these forms by the Department of Homeland Security and ICE, internal audits can keep you out of danger of racking up violations.

What happens when ICE performs an I-9 Audit on your business?

ICE will go through your employee files and audit all of the I-9’s.   They will note any violations they find.

Violations detected in an I-9 audit can become very costly for a business. The fine per violation can range from $100 – $1,000.00.  That’s not small change especially if you have multiple employees and multiple violations.  Moreover, the negative publicity that can come from a disastrous I-9 audit is certainly something a business should try to avoid.

What are the advantages to using L4SB’s I-9 Audit Service and how does it work?

Simply send L4SB your current I9 forms for all your employees.  L4SB will have an HR Professional audit your forms determine if you are following The Immigration Reform and Control Act.  Our HR Professional will note and/or correct any potential violations they find as well as bring your attention to any suspect employment authorization documents.    Additionally, all our Internal I-9 Audits include creation of a Documents Log.  This Log will reflect current documentation expiration dates and help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to collecting updated information.  We want to make sure that you are not just compliant today but stay compliant in the future!

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Are you prepared for an I-9 Audit?

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