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It's time to have a L4SB Attorney or HR Professional review your existing company policies and procedures. You can't afford to not be up to date.

Why Review Your Existing HR Handbook?

Effective Policies and Procedures are the key to any place of business.   Clear policies that are compliant with employment law allow business owners to sleep easier at night.  Whether you have had your business for a while or have just acquired a new one, it is always important to make sure everything in your HR Handbook is exactly what should be there.


Laws are ever changing things.  What was a standard, mandate or law ten years ago in the workplace may not be appropriate today.  As a business owner, you want to focus on your business, not on staying up to speed with current employment law legislation.  Let an expert in employment matters make sure you have all the correct policy your business requires.

Effective Management of Employees

Business owners cannot expect to hold employees accountable to standards that the employee has not been made adequately aware of.  Strong Policies and Procedures empower business owners to efficiently manage out toxic employees while rewarding outstanding employees’ contributions

Framework for Success

A Businesses’ Policies and Procedures set the tone for the work environment.  This includes interaction with clients.   The atmosphere you transact your client business in is a direct reflection of the strength your business’s policies and procedures. 

First Line of Defense Against Employee Lawsuits

A business’s policies and procedures are the rule book for how to behave at work.   Without correct, well thought out policy, business owners are vulnerable to lawsuits from disgruntled employees.

The Process to Get Started

Send us a copy of your current HR Policies and Procedures.  Our HR Professional will identify areas they view as concerning.  They will note missing policy, contradictions within the policy and even alert you to “Red Flags” that could lead to potential litigation down the road.

Our HR Professional will send this summary of their completed policy review directly to your email.  After you have read the findings you may decide to make the suggested modifications to the HR policy yourself.  Or, you can further engage with our HR Professionals at a discounted rate to task them directly with making the suggested changes, creating new policy or consulting with you further

The L4SB Difference

L4SB believes having effective policy and procedure should be available to all businesses; big or small.  We give business owners the ability to easily access the skill set of an experienced in-house Human Resource Professional to review, advise, amend or even start from scratch on their unique businesses’ policy. 

 Let us help you get your policy current, compliant, and specific to your business’s needs…today!

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