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You received a Trademark Office Action notice from the USPTO. You want to respond to the letter and get your trademark application approved. It is important that the issues outlined by the USPTO are correctly identified and addressed.

Whether this is your first or final Office Action, the key is not to give up or simply answer the USPTO’s objection. Instead, work with a trained professional who understands the arcane legal issues around US trademark law, who will collaborate and brainstorm with you, to revise your trademark application in such a way as to significantly increase its chance of approval.

What is a Trademark Office Action Response

A Trademark Office Action Response is a response to an Office Action Letter issued by the USPTO which outlines certain issues or problems with a trademark application that must be corrected before the trademark can be approved. The Office Action must be responded to promptly and in full in order for the trademark registration process to continue for your trademark. Using a law firm such as L4SB to respond to your Office Action can significantly simplify the process for you by quickly identifying what the USPTO is requesting in the letter and then correcting the issues and submitting the response.

Responding to the Trademark Office Action

Trademark applications can be a lengthy process, taking up to 6 months for the USPTO to respond to your application. Accurately identifying and addressing the issues raised by the USPTO can reduce the number of correspondence required between the USPTO, thereby reducing the amount of time needed to get your trademark approved. The USPTO recommends that your response is timely (and early) and complete. They also recommend that you be familiar with their rules and procedures to have the best possible outcome with your application.

Respond Timely (and Early) Responses must be received by the USPTO within six months of the issuing date of the Office Action by the USPTO. There are no extensions, and if the application is not received within this time the entire application will be considered abandoned, all application fees lost, and you will not get your trademark registered. We stay on top of the relevant USPTO timelines to free you from having to worry about them.

Respond Completely The response to the Office Action needs to address all of the issues therein. There are different courses of action one may wish to take depending on the type of Office Action you received. If all of the issues are not completely addressed, the USPTO is likely to send you another Office Action or rejection. Our trademark attorneys are highly experienced in identifying and correcting all issues identified in your Office Action.

Familiarity with USPTO’s Rules and Procedures Knowing the rules and procedures is essential to navigating the trademark application process in its entirety. An office action, rejection, or delay can be prevented by understanding and following the rules. It is also important to know who to talk to at the USPTO and what questions to ask them.

The L4SB Difference

Getting an office action letter is not the end of the world. Now that you have a response from the USPTO, L4SB’s trademark attorneys will help you evaluate the trademark office action and advise you on the best course of action. Our attorneys deal with the USPTO professionally and are knowledgeable in the rules and regulations of trademark applications and registrations. They handle responding to the USPTO quickly, identifying and fixing all of the issues outlined in the Office Action, and fine-tuning your trademark to get the most value and boost its chance of approval. Save yourself the hassle of navigating the Office Action yourself and boost your chances of being approved by letting L4SB handle with our easy Office Action Response Service.

Trademark attorneys have a significantly higher approval rating than non-attorneys. Contact L4SB to find out why. If you are considering not replying to the USPTO, please call us first for a free consultation. We’ll give you our quick thoughts on whether it makes sense to go forward or at least let you know what the issues, costs, and risks are.

Next Steps

Step 1: Have Your Trademark Office Action Evaluated.

Submit your Office Action and Trademark to us, and our trademark attorneys will review and evaluate the office action and provide an overview of the issues outlined by the USPTO as well as a price for us to respond to the office action. Our review ensures that the proper actions are taken for your particular Office Action and that you only pay for what is needed. The evaluation is free with the Response by L4SB.

Step 2: Office Action Response

Once the appropriate Office Action Response is identified from our Office Action Evaluation, it is time to move forward with the formal response. Our trademark attorneys will work with you to produce a well-reasoned and professional response to your Office Action that will carry a high probability of success.

Step 3: Submit the Response

Once L4SB finishes your Office Action Response, you will review and approve it before we submit it for approval. Then we notify the USPTO that trademark attorneys are representing you and we submit the response. Sit back and relax, response time by the USPTO is usually six months or more, but rest assured your response was created and submitted correctly by trademark professionals. Once we hear back from the USPTO, we will contact you immediately.