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Business Formation Products & Services

Form an LLC

Fast, affordable and effective formation services for your limited liability company (LLC), including all docs and Operating Agreement.

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Form an Anonymous LLC

Protect your identity with an anonymous LLC. L4SB will act as your organizer and registered agent, so the State of NM will not know ownership information.

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Form a Foreign LLC

Is your current LLC doing business in another state? If so, you need to register it as a Foreign LLC to avoid problems down the road.

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Form a Corporation

Leverage the expertise of L4SB to help you form your new C-Corporation or S-Corporation, with the right paperwork and filings to the State.

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Registered Agent Services

Need a high quality Registered Agent in your state? All states served. Great for businesses without a physical address.

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Buy or Sell a Business

Why trust such an important transaction to anyone other than an experienced transactions attorney? L4SB has your back.

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Intellectual Property Products & Services

Trademark Registration

Licensed trademark attorneys on your case for the same cost as “the other guys.” Includes free trademark assessment.

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Trademark / Trade name Assessment

L4SB will conduct a risk assessment of your name against registered trademarks and common-law marks, using a “likelihood of confusion” analysis.

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Trademark Office Actions, Renewals & Declarations

An experienced trademark attorney will look at the notice you received from the USPTO and advise you with a flat-rate quote to respond.

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L4SB copyright attorneys will help you register your copyright, price includes the US Copyright Office filing fee.

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Consult with a Trademark Attorney

Want to talk to a licensed trademark attorney before proceeding? For a low flat-rate cost, you can speak with L4SB’s trademark attorneys.

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Need Help?

If you don't see or are unsure of what services you need, we can help!

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Speak with a licensed business attorney.

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Flat-Rate Contract Review

For $25/page (min. 4 pages), a L4SB contract attorney will conduct a one-pass review and edit, helping to whip your contract into shape.

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Flat-Rate Contact Review (Limited)

For $10/page (min. 5 pages), L4SB contract attorneys will read and review your contract, and advise you on issues identified.

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Contract Disputes

For a flat-rate fee, L4SB litigators will write a letter on your behalf and make a legal demand for the goals and objectives you indicate.

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Client-Intake Forms

Need a High-Quality Agreement for your clients or customers? For one flat-rate fee, L4SB contract attorneys will generate your document.

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Template Contracts

Just want a template document to get started? L4SB templates are the initial starting point for our contracts attorneys.

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More Law 4 Small Business Products & Services

Collect a Debt

Let L4SB attempt to collect a debt on your behalf with a demand letter. For one flat-rate price, L4SB will send a letter on your behalf.

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Join, Form or Leave a Partnership

Use an experienced transactions attorney to review your closing documents before you join, form or leave that partnership!

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Cease & Desist Letters or Demand Letters

Nothing helps resolve a matter better than an actual demand letter from a competent and qualified L4SB litigator.

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Dissolve a LLC

Dissolving a LLC is oftentimes more work than simply filing Articles of Dissolution. Trust L4SB attorneys to help guide you through this difficult process.

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Billable Hours

Prepay for L4SB billable hours and SAVE! Funds go into a trust account, and any unused funds are fully refundable at any time.

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