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Have a serious employee issue and are not sure how to handle it? It's time to have a consultation with a licensed L4SB Attorney or HR Professional. Explain your unique situation and get instant, qualified feedback along with suggestions on what to do next.

What is a toxic employee?

“Toxic workers do not recognize a duty to the organization for which they work or their coworkers in terms of ethics or professional conduct towards others.  Toxic workers define relationship with coworkers not by organizational structure but by coworkers they favor and by those they do not like or trust.”

Benoit, Suzanne (2011) “Toxic Employees: great companies resolve this problem, you can too!” Falmouth, Maine: BCSPublishing – Wikipedia

Arguably, nothing can sour the workplace faster than one, bad hire.  The bad energy can spread and in no time a once productive, cohesive business can be riddled with drama and unhappiness.   It’s hard to know what the rules are and what the best course of action is when trying to improve a negative work environment.  That’s why L4SB created the Toxic Employee Consultation.  

How does the Toxic Employee Consultation Work?

For a flat fee of $199 for every 30-minutes of consultation, you can speak directly with a Licensed HR Professional.  Simply purchase your time, give a brief summary of your situation and someone will reach out to schedule a good time for an HR Professional to contact you.  

What you will take away from the Consultation

You will receive valuable insight as to how to handle your toxic situation in a manner that preserves relationships with your performing employees and minimizes your business’s exposure to potential lawsuits from disgruntled or toxic employees.   Most importantly, our HR Experts will identify paths to reconciling the issue with the employee that comply with employment law.

Once more, should you require more services or products from our HR Professional to help you remedy your situation, as a Consultation Participant, you will qualify for a 10% discount on future purchases regarding the issue you sought consultation about. 

You can afford to hire an HR Expert to assist you in your Toxic Employee Dilemma!  What you cannot afford to do is do nothing!

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