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Strategic Planning

“Strategic planning” refers to the “big picture” at L4SB, and how the law intersects with other aspects of your business, including operations, sales, finance, order fulfillment, asset management, compliance and HR.

The “big picture” is about cost-optimization, profit-maximization and growth

The various components of your business don’t exist in a vacuum. They interact in complex ways. Legal impacts abound. You need legal representation that understands the nuances and complexities of business, and who can understand (and empathize with) the priorities.

The truth of the matter is that only when your business is a finely-tuned machine, can it really take off: to maximize profits, revenues, or valuation (depending on your personal and business goals).

L4SB strategic planning evaluates the big picture, from both a legal and business perspective.Leverage L4SB to ask the bigger questions. Look at the whole package. To help you evaluate key segments of your business, with an eye towards the legal implications. The benefits are vast, and the results are profound.

Just what is the problem?

Many business professionals hire attorneys to address a very tactical-level problem, without trying to solve the bigger issue. L4SB can help solve those bigger issues. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Original: Hiring an attorney to represent you in a lawsuit.
    Better: Hiring an attorney to advise you on your options with an aggrieved party, before being sued.
    Best: Hiring L4SB at the first sign of trouble, in an attempt to revise your legal and order fulfillment processes, so you don’t have aggrieved customers.
  • Original: Hiring an attorney to help you through bankruptcy.
    Better: Hiring an attorney before you reach bankruptcy, to help you understand your other options (besides bankruptcy).
    Best: Hiring L4SB to help you understand how to ensure and enforce that customers pay you on time.
  • Original: Hiring an attorney to help you write a sales contract for a particularly large and valuable deal.
    Better: Hiring an attorney to help you write a sales contract template, which you can reuse for all your deals.
    Best: Hiring L4SB to review your sales process, and work with you to devise a customer-friendly contracting system that doesn’t alienate, isolate or worry your customers.
  • Original: Ignoring the patchwork of state laws, because you want to do business in more than one state, and you think it would be too costly to come into legal compliance with all the states’ laws.
    Better: Hiring an attorney to help you understand the laws, and how to come into compliance.
    Best: Hiring L4SB to help you identify the common elements between each states’ laws, and formulate a comprehensive approach for cost-effective compliance and monitoring of changes in the law.
  • Original: Knowing intellectual property is important, but only working to perfect your IP as needs dictate or as problems arise.
    Better: Hiring an attorney – or appropriate expert – to start perfecting your IP.
    Best: Engaging L4SB to assist you with an IP strategy, based on your 3- to 5-year goals for your business, your budget, and your competitive landscape.

Any good business attorney can write good contracts, but you need more

Whenever you have two or more parties (i.e. you, competition, customers, vendors, employees, contractors, etc), it’s not just about having the right contracts in place. It’s about understanding the needs of your business, and putting in place a workflow or process that maximizes your goals and objectives. A contract or agreement is only a small piece of the puzzle, and hiring an attorney or law firm that doesn’t know your business can’t help you with the big picture.

For example, any good attorney can write a good “ironclad” contract for you, to help protect you against customer nonpayment. However, will a large or onerous contract scare off your customers? Are there other contracts – or ways of selling – that would reduce the need for an onerous contract, and thereby help solidify a more trusting relationship between you and your customers?

L4SB strategic planning evaluates the big picture, from both a legal and business perspective.

Law 4 Small Business (L4SB). A little law now can save a lot later.

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