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High Tech

L4SB is Leading the Pack in the Adoption of Expert Systems and AI

L4SB has adopted more expert systems and AI than just about anyone else. Its founder is an IT expert, and develops many of our expert systems in his “spare time”. This helps lower the cost of legal services, as well as speed up and drastically improve the quality of legal services.

Current High-Tech Offerings at L4SB

The following offerings represent expert systems or AI, available to L4SB clients or the general public:

  • Entity Selection Tool. This is a sophisticated, AI-based decision-making tool for general public use, to help determine the right company structure to form. It considers a number of issues, including anonymity, Trump’s Tax Reform Act of 2017, and much more.
  • The Couture Operating Agreement for LLC’s. We wrote a sophisticated expert system that delivers a high-quality, highly customized Operating Agreement. It’s the best in the business, included in our Anonymous LLC and LLC Formation products, otherwise just $29.95.
  • Operating Agreement Evaluator. Coming soon! This is a tool based on an expert system and machine learning, to quickly evaluate any Operating Agreement that is uploaded. It ranks the quality of the Operating Agreement, separating issues into three categories: serious flaws, warnings and observations.

Other Technologies at L4SB

L4SB is a paperless office. All client files, systems and work product is securely stored in a specialized cloud for maximum security, accessibility and reusability.

We utilize WooCommerce on WordPress to sell legal services on the Internet.

We utilize Python and a sophisticated expert system for document assembly and machine learning.

We are leading in the adoption of high-technology to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and decrease turnaround times for our clients.