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No Monthly Fees

L4SB provides legal services for hourly rates and flat-rate. Flat-rate services will accomplish their stated purpose (with the limitations posted), without any additional costs to our clients (other than potential taxes), assuming there are no unforeseen or undisclosed circumstances. Hourly rates are for everything else, and they are billed in increments of 0.1 hours, not rounded up and without any minimums.

We at L4SB believe hourly and flat-rate represent the most honest and fair pricing for legal services, and that anyone offering “discounted legal services” for a monthly fee is obviously making money on the monthly fee (or they wouldn’t offer it). There are other problems with monthly fees, too:

  • Monthly fees are a form of insurance, which many don’t need. See an article at Nolo Press entitled, “Are prepaid legal service plans worth it?“.
  • It’s often difficult to cancel the monthly fee when you want. Don’t take our word for it. See this illuminating article at the Ripoff Report about consumers having trouble cancelling service with LegalZoom: Read the article.
  • Monthly fees seldom provide you with the legal assistance you need. Often, the providers of “discounted legal services” for a “monthly fee” provide clever “benefits” that sound like your monthly fee is well-spent. The problem is, those “benefits” are superficial at best. Consider:
    • A “free” document review means an attorney will quickly review it, and almost 100% of the time, identify problems with the document. Want suggestions or help fixing those problems? That will cost you extra.
    • A “free” consult? Most attorneys will talk to you for free for at least a few minutes (we do it for up to 15 minutes at L4SB), just to get your business. 99% of the time, most people cannot solve or get their legal issues answered by the first consult. Therefore, a service offering you the “first free consult” is a bit insulting, because you will need to pay extra for ongoing services, research, etc, to help you fully and finally resolve your legal issue.
    • A “free” document repository of legal documents available for you? That’s called the “Internet,” and if it’s an easy document to fill out, without a lot of legal risk, an attorney isn’t going to charge you a lot for his or her help in the first place.

For all the reasons above, we at L4SB believe the benefits received for paying “monthly fees” for legal services is illusory.

L4SB. We’re here when you need us, and gone when you don’t. No monthly fees necessary.