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Predictable Fees

Flat-rate pricing on contract review, fixed-fee and not-to-exceed pricing available for just about everything else

Predictable fees
Predictable fees

L4SB is the home of the flat-rate contract review! Now, there’s absolutely no reason NOT to have a business attorney review your contracts! Contract review for only $20 per page (minimum 5 pages, please), which includes 30 minutes for a business lawyer to consult you on each matter. It’s simple to predict the expense: simply count up the pages, and that is the fee (plus applicable NMGRT). It doesn’t get easier than that. Learn more …

For other matters, L4SB will give you fixed-fee or not-to-exceed pricing, when requested.

L4SB strives for no fee surprises

When you permit credit card billing with L4SB, you get to choose from daily, weekly or monthly invoicing (at your discretion), so you can keep careful track of your legal expenditures with L4SB.

Retainer is a bad word here at L4SB

It’s a bookkeeping hassle. It requires a special trust account to maintain. It requires careful records, which need to be kept and maintained for many years.

There are so many reasons why “retainer” is a bad word. The most important reason, though, is that “retainer” sends a bad signal about trust. Almost universally, the business community tells the legal community, “when you ask for a retainer, you’re telling me you don’t trust me.”

Message heard. No retainer.

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