Annual Report



Annual State Filings

L4SB will file your company’s annual report or franchise taxes.

What’s Included:

  • Piece of mind knowing they will be submitted correctly and on-time.
  • The least public information necessary will be submitted.
  • Collaboration between your company and our paralegals.
  • Professional handled by licensed and certified paralegals.
  • As an additional option: Research as appropriate, including costs, deadlines and more.
  • As an additional option: Rush service, for reports that are due within 3-business days.

Client understands and acknowledges that purchasing the services herein are subject to the following:

General Terms and Conditions

  • WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE STATE FEES, and client understands and acknowledges that the state fees listed could change due to the status of your company or changes at the state level not yet reflected in L4SB’s system.
  • We cannot guarantee the timeliness of a report, if we receive the order within 3-business days when due. Such reports must be rushed, although we take no responsibility for late fees and penalties incurred if we are unable to file the report when due.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • There are NO REFUNDS, as our people will begin working on this immediately and incur the expense of processing your order and file.
  • We reserve the right to amend these policies, without notice, especially when required to bring our policies into compliance with the Professional Rules of Conduct.
  • We will cancel your order, at our discretion, if you are unresponsive or don’t deliver the information we ask of you.

Important Disclaimers

  • The annual reports we submit are based on the information you give us. We cannot be responsible for inaccurate or incomplete information.