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Can an Artist Control What You Do with her Work?

As business attorneys, we frequently deal with copyright questions related to graphic arts and other commercial artwork.  Usually this means putting agreements in place to make sure everyone owns the rights they need to own.  These are well-settled areas of law that don’t often surprise me.  But copyright law is full of surprises; sometimes it seems like […]

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Avoiding Trademark Ownership Pitfalls

We help a lot of small businesses protect their trademarks and one issue that comes up frequently is identifying the correct owner.  This is the very first entry you must fill out on the application, and it is easy to enter the information without giving it careful attention.  But the correct identification of the owner […]

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Can non-US residents form an Anonymous LLC in the US?

We receive this question from many individuals interested in doing business in the US, but hoping for some level of anonymity. The answer to this question is the same whether interested in a “standard LLC” or an Anonymous LLC: Yes, non-US residents can own and form LLC’s in the US, whether anonymous or otherwise. There […]

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Just How “Anonymous” are Anonymous LLC’s?

I’ve written in the past about anonymous LLC’s. See the list of blog articles here. What I’m often asked, is just how “anonymous” Anonymous LLC’s really are, and I think the topic is good enough to write a blog article focused on it (I know, about time). It’s really interesting talking to people about their […]

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Yesterday, my wife called me at work because she just had to pass on the shocking gossip she had just heard about a local asian cuisine restaurant. She was told, by a friend of hers, that this friend had another friend, who is the wife of a pest exterminator (I am not making this up), […]

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Proper Copyright Licensing is Important

Driving to work the other day, I happened to find myself driving behind the truck you see above. Apparently owned (or contracted) by an exterminating company called Manzano Pest Management of Albuquerque, NM. What caught my eye, was the clever little cartoon of the stone-age character pounding little critters with his hammer. Very appropriate for […]

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What Exactly is a Trust?

Legal websites are rampant with articles promoting the use of trusts and their value in avoiding the horrific, heinous probate process. In my experience as a trust officer, the overriding emotion that I noted when speaking with clients about trusts, and the entire estate planning process for that matter, was confusion. This is a valid […]

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Alternative Facts

We’ve written before about the importance of acting quickly when it comes to registering your trademark. Even if you are entitled to registration, waiting to file can add significant delay and expense. Recent events provide a great example of the importance of timely filing and the strategic value of filing an intent to use (ITU) […]

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Boilerplate Matters in Contracts

I’ve been running into a lot of contracts disputes lately where a party’s rights were potentially affected by missing boilerplate provisions.  Boilerplate generally refers to language that is reused from one contract to the next.  It usually has little to do with the substance of the contract.  It is easy to ignore.  But when it matters, […]

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