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Understanding Contracts: How do Security Interests work?

Last Updated: No update. New article. Contracts are at the heart of business. At their simplest, contracts are the formalized agreement between two (or more) parties spelling out what each party is required to do and what benefit they’re expecting to get in return. But what happens when one party doesn’t — or can’t — […]

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Now More Than Ever: The Importance of Protecting Your Business from Email Based Phishing Attacks

Since its advent in 1971, email quickly became a staple of communication and collaboration in both business and personal settings. In fact, there are over 4.04 billion email users worldwide in 2020 so far! That is about 56% of the world’s population using email, and it’s easy to see why it has become so popular. […]

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Why a Pandemic Might Just be the Perfect Time to Start a Company (probably an LLC!)

The U.S. unemployment rate is at its highest rate since the Great Depression with roughly 36 million Americans now without work Even people who are still employed face increased worries about the future of their employment and are looking for new, creative ways to create an income for long-term financial stability during these uncertain times. […]

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Tips for Casual Dining & Formal Restaurants: How to Reopen During COVID-19 and Generate Revenue

Many people are eager to be able to return to dining out at their favorite restaurants once the restrictions brought about by the current COVID-19 pandemic are lifted. According to the Governor’s latest predictions, restaurants should be able to reopen sometime in early June with limited occupancy and other restrictions and requirements. While such requirements […]

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™ vs. ® – What the heck do these two symbols even mean???

Next to most logos or brand names, you can find either a ™ or a ®.  Obviously, they must have some significance, but what is the difference between the two symbols? First and foremost, the ™ means that the mark is being used as a trademark to denote the source of the goods.  It should […]

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The “B” Word: How to use Bankruptcy to your advantage

Last Updated: No update. New article. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on, more and more people are looking at a solution once thought unthinkable: bankruptcy. While bankruptcy has had a certain stigma attached to it for years, that stigma has lessened considerably in recent years as more people come to understand bankruptcy as a tool […]

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Don’t be a General Partner! (Not Even by Accident)

A partnership is the most basic and perhaps the oldest type of business formation, and quite simply the easiest to enter into.  In fact, it is so easy to enter into, you may enter into without even knowing it.  Anyone you share profits with could legally be your partner, and your partner is legally obligated […]

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COVID-19: Does Your Business Need a Waiver or Release for Customers and/or Employees?

Last Updated: No update. New article. The short answer is … it’s doubtful a waiver or release will protect your business from liability, unless you’re creating/following guidelines, enforcing guidelines, documenting incidents, and maintaining an incident log to prove you were following and enforcing guidelines. The longer answer is … We’re getting this question a lot, […]

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A Tax Lawyer Weighs In On COVID-19 Stimulus Payment and More

The CARES Act/COVID-19 mean there are new considerations when it comes to taxes this year… Are the $1,200 stimulus checks taxable? Will recipients have to repay that money at some point? Quick answers: The $1,200 payments are technically “advance refundable tax credits”, much like the Affordable Care Act subsidies, and are not taxable as income. […]

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