Maximize Liability Protection

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Our Process

If you’re conducting business as a sole proprietorship or partnership, operating without a corporate entity, you really should form a limited liability company (or LLC) or form a Corporation.

Operating under a corporate entity means the corporate entity itself is liable for the harms and liabilities of the business, not you (or your family) personally.

This is more important than you think. Your business can be the victim of an attack from anyone: customers, employees, vendors, contractors and even the taxman when you think your bookkeeper has been properly paying the taxes all these years.

Strong Formation Documents are Critical to Maximizing Liability Protection

It’s not just important to form and operate under a corporate entity, though. It’s important that you properly operate your corporate entity as dictated by law and the formation documents used to create your corporate entity. For some context, read our article on why L4SB provides the Very Best Formation Documents.

This is why L4SB built what we call the Couture Operating Agreement. It’s an expert system that delivers a high-quality, highly-customized Operating Agreement for LLCs, with over 100 individual settings to control tax, management, voting, dissociation, dispute resolution and many other issues. Only L4SB has it, and it’s free to all L4SB clients purchasing LCC related services. It’s the next best thing to hiring an attorney to draft a custom-built Operating Agreement for your company.

Maintaining Best-Practices is Critical to Maximizing Liability Protection

It’s important that you “do things right”, when forming your company and operating your company over the lifetime of your business. The best way to learn what those right things are, are to expose yourself to knowledgeable professionals — such as the lawyers at L4SB.

Let me give you an example: Many of our “non-legal competitors” will permit you to do things lawyers will not, because we lawyers know better and know that doing such things can get you into trouble later if you and your business is sued by a competent attorney. One such example is using the Registered Agent’s address as your company’s physical mailing address. This isn’t a problem if you are the Registered Agent or otherwise in control of the address. But, if you hire a third-party to be your Registered Agent and you use their address for your company’s physical mailing address — watch out! You just gave a smart plaintiff’s attorney an opportunity to “pierce the corporate veil” by arguing your company was fraudulently filed.

Only L4SB Helps You Maximize Liability Protection

Like any competent attorney and law firm, L4SB’s complete focus is on forming and helping you operate your company to maximize liability protection and prevent the harms, liabilities and obligations of the company from attaching to you personally.

This goal doesn’t come from defining success as “submitting the paperwork without it being rejected by the State,” like our “non-legal competition”. Instead, success come from Focusing on the Long-Term and providing you with the Very Best Formation Documents.