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Our Process

Why are you considering forming a company or hiring a law firm in the first place?

Probably because you want something “done right.”

“Done Right” Means Setup Properly for the Long-Term

You form a company, because you care about liability protection, anonymity, minimizing taxes, or survivability. You don’t meet these goals simply by forming a company, but by ensuring the company is setup properly with the right formation documents, to meet your specific needs, given your type of business, where it’s located and how it’s conducting business.

If you need a lawyer at some point while running your business, the legal expenses and your ability to win a legal fight will greatly depend on how competently your company was originally formed, and whether your formation documents actually address how you run your company.

“Done Right” Means Maintained Properly in the Long-Term

Just because you formed a company in the past, doesn’t mean it’s setup properly now. As you add and remove partners, adjust tax status, do business under different names or in different states, your company needs to adjust.

You need a competent partner to help answer your questions over time and help you adjust, modify, amend and revise your company as laws, taxes and needs dictate.

And when your business finds itself in need of legal assistance (or worse, legal trouble), L4SB is an experienced partner to give you and your company the guidance or assistance you both need.

“Done Right” Means Different Things to Different People

The definition of “done right” depends on who you are.

If you’re our “non-legal competition”, then “done right” means “submitting the paperwork without it being rejected by the State.” That’s literally what almost all of our competition boasts (if they aren’t a law firm). The problem is, it’s very easy to submit paperwork to a state and have it approved. All states simply verify that the right information is placed in the right location.

For lawyers and law firms, “done right” means something very different: It means the paperwork is not just submitted properly, but that the right thing is being done for the client’s specific needs and interests.

Only lawyers and law firms can ensure your business needs are properly and adequately addressed for the long-term.

“Done Right” Depends on Your Needs

If you are forming a new company, then the formation documents (i.e. Operating Agreement for a LLC) is going to depend greatly on your specific needs. Read why only L4SB provides the Very Best Formation Documents. The Operating Agreement we provide for LLC formations, for example, is customized in over 100 different ways to meet your individual tax, management, voting, dissociation and other needs (learn more).

What does our “non-legal competition” do? Give you “a template” that is not customized to your needs, and a proverbial pat on the back.

L4SB Means Help for the Long-Term

For L4SB, it’s not about forming your company or submitting some paperwork. It’s about forming a long-term relationship. It’s about ensuring your matters are competently addressed, not just to fulfill a filing requirement, but to meet your long-term objectives whether they are minimizing tax obligations, minimizing liability exposure, maximizing asset protection, maintaining legal compliance, winning a legal dispute, all the above or something else.

L4SB is your long-term partner to help you and your business with the inevitable ups-and-downs, and everything in between.