By registering your trademark you will enhance the legal protections afforded to your brand. We can help you easily register your trademark and avoid mistakes that could cost time, money, and legal rights.

What is a Trademark?

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the federal agency in charge of managing trademark registration in the United States, defines a trademark as a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination thereof, that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods or services. Trademarks were created with the intent of helping (and protecting) the public to understand the true source of a product or service. This can be very useful and valuable for your business.

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Why L4SB?

There simply is no substitute for having your trademark reviewed and filed by a trademark attorney. Statistically, your chances of trademark approval by the USPTO when you file yourself or use a non-attorney filing service is less than 20%. Deciding to have L4SB review and file your trademark will boost your overall trademark quality and increase its odds of approval to over 70% on the first attempt. Furthermore, L4SB provides valuable benefits unavailable by our competition, including free Trademark Monitoring (for the first 12 months), review by a trademark attorney, and much more.

When to File Your Trademark

Many find that it is a good idea to consider creating your trademark as early as the business planning stages. You want your business to stand out, and you want it protected. If you choose a company name or logo that cannot be trademarked, then you have no protection from others using your logo, and it may suggest that you should consider finding a more differentiating identity for your business.
Most applicants use private trademark attorneys for legal advice regarding use of their trademark, filing an application, and the likelihood of success in the registration process, since not all applications proceed to registration. A private trademark attorney may help you avoid many potential pitfalls.

What can be Trademarked?

No set list describes exactly what can be trademarked, but the most common are words or phrases and graphics that are not generic or descriptive of their meaning. Registered trademarks also exist for certain sounds, colors, and (yes) smells. Though just about anything can potentially be a trademark, it must meet the definition defined by the USPTO to be considered valid.

For example, the word “Apple” cannot be used as a trademark for something that refers to fruit, food or farm involving apples, but of course, it can be used as a trademark for a computer company. Clearly, this can get confusing fast when attempting this on your own — which is why we firmly recommend having your trademark reviewed by a licensed trademark attorney before submission to the USPTO. When you choose L4SB to file your trademark, you don’t need to worry — included in our trademark filing package are an attorney review and consultation. We will examine your trademark and help you revise it so that it has the best chance of meeting the USPTO definition and being accepted.

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Trademark attorneys working for you

Trademark Registration done right with Law 4 Small Business.

Starting at $199 + filing fees

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