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We’re not just an Internet company, we’re a law firm. Based in Albuquerque, NM, but serving many other jurisdictions. For your important legal matters, why trust anyone else?

Contracts. Flat-Rate Contract Review. Buying/Selling a Business. Forming a LLC or Company. Registering a Trademark. Filing a Copyright. Resolving Disputes. Cease and Desist Letters. Demand Letters. And, so much more …

Lawyers, not scriveners. Read more.

LLC Formation

Whether you’re interested in forming a limited liability company (LLC) or creating a new S-Corp or C-Corp, trust L4SB to help you through the process at cost-effective rates. Rates similar to LegalZoom, RocketLawyer and other non-law firms.

Now serving all 50 states! Now there’s no reason to not have a lawyer involved in helping form your new company!

LLC’s. Form Your LLC Now!

Trademark Registration

Only a licensed trademark attorney or trademark lawyer can best serve you when filing a trademark. Trust L4SB to help you identify the proper class codes and evaluate “likelihood of confusion” for similar marks.

Other companies can help file a trademark, but unless they are a law firm or lawyer, they can’t help you manage costs or ensure maximum coverage and protection …

Trademarks. By licensed attorneys!

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Mr. Donahue with L4SB is very thorough and knowledgeable when it comes helping others starting a new business. He helped me set up my new business for a yoga studio. What would have taken me several months to figure out

Greg W. - Albuquerque, NM

Mr. Donahue has always been responsive to my legal needs and questions. He makes himself available when necessary and has a wealth of experience. A great communicator and equally great counselor; a legal resource that gives me confidence and peace

Brian L. - Oswego, IL

Larry was wonderful to work with. As many of you other small business owners can attest, we are endlessly busy and our schedules are often not our own. I really appreciated that L4SB was willing to do everything electronically. I

Ariane B. - Albuquerque, NM

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