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Impressive Team

L4SB consists of a multidisciplinary group of licensed attorneys, certified paralegals, and well-trained legal assistants. All of whom are experienced, seasoned, high-tech and dedicated to business issues.

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Very Best Formation Documents

The Operating Agreement is critical to your long-term success. Access to our expert system to build a high-quality, highly customized Operating Agreement.

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Full Service Capabilities

We are a full-service law firm, which means we hope to be your partner for the long-term. We’re here when you start, available as needed, and when things get tough. We can also refer you to other professionals.

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Solutions for Long-Term Success

It’s not about doing just what you ask, but understanding your bigger-picture to deliver solutions that help ensure your long-term success.

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Maximize Liability Protection

Doing things correctly in business is like placing your personal assets in a vault. Attorney-client privilege, confidentiality, and L4SB’s high-quality formation documents maximizes your security.

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Automatic Privacy

Privacy is in our DNA, and everything we do is designed to maximize your protection by working together to help protect unintentional and unnecessary release of your private information.

Talk to a licensed Attorney now! Free 15 minute, no obligation consultation


Fast, affordable and effective formation services for your limited liability company (LLC), including all docs and Operating Agreement.


Protect the identity of owners with an anonymous LLC. Great for landlords, abuse victims and more. L4SB will act as your organizer and registered agent.


Need some one-on-one time with an experience attorney? We have numerous practices areas and advanced topics to chose from.


Need to add, remove or otherwise change ownership of your company, and not sure what to do? Use our expert system, anonymously and without cost.


We wrote the most advanced, comprehensive expert system to deliver a high-quality, highly-customized Operating Agreement. Available for everyone.


The process of moving a company from state to state can be tricky and there are a lot of moving parts- but L4SB is here to help.


Licensed trademark attorneys on your case for the same cost as “the other guys.” Includes free trademark assessment.


Trademark attorneys to help with important filings.


For $20/page (min. 5 pages), L4SB contract attorneys will read and review your contract, and advise you on issues identified.

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