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Why L4SB?

Fast. Cost-Effective. Knowledgeable. Lawyer Defined™.

We know you have options. Our competition is just a click away.

We are a law firm full of licensed attorneys, certified paralegals and highly-trained legal assistants.

In comparison to the “non-legal competition,” there really is no comparison. For about the same price, we do everything they do, but so much more that is so much more important for you and your business in the long term.

In comparison to the other lawyers and law firms, we believe we provide a top-notch group of very experienced and seasoned attorneys in a number of critical areas, including e-commerce, high-tech, tax, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution and litigation, just to name a few.

L4SB is the Right Choice for Your New Formation

Don’t be fooled by the marketing gimmicks of our “non-legal competition”. If you’re considering a formation by anyone other than a law firm or attorney, beware of false promises and fake benefits. Success to these companies means “submitting the paperwork without it being rejected by the State,” while for us lawyers, success means “you have a new company that meets your long-term needs and minimizes long-term, costly problems.”

L4SB provides the standard stuff promised by everyone else, including:

  • Company Name Verification
  • Review of Articles
  • Preparation and Filing Services
  • Fast Processing
  • Free E-Delivery
  • Privacy Built-in
  • Lifetime Company Alerts / Compliance Reminders
  • Lifetime Company Alerts
  • Customer Support

L4SB maintains experienced and seasoned attorneys in a number of jurisdictions, including California, Georgia, Illinois, New Mexico, and Texas, and we maintain strong relationships with other like-minded attorneys in a number of other jurisdictions, including Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and other states.

We are very experienced at all forms of business contracts, partnerships, dispute resolution, mergers and acquisitions, tax issues, litigation, and more.

We can help you in a number of ways. First, please check our services list of our flat-rate offerings. Second, we sell 30-minute attorney consults in a number of areas. Third and finally, we can bill for our time for all other matters that lack a clear and specific scope. Contact us for more information.

But, L4SB provides benefits and advantages unavailable from most of our competition, including:

For customer support, product fulfillment and problem resolution.

We are forming long-term relationships, and delivering solutions designed for the long-term success of you and your company.

Unless you hire an attorney to custom build an Operating Agreement for you and your LLC, there is simply no better Operating Agreement available from anyone. Only available at L4SB. Learn more about the Lawyer Defined™ Operating Agreement.

Liability protection doesn’t just come from doing business with a corporate entity, but with the right formation documents, operating appropriately, and revising your company as necessary.
L4SB helps you start properly, with all of this in mind.

We don’t just do formations — we are a full-service law firm, and can help you with everything from renaming, trademarks, adding/changing/disputing partnerships, and much, much more. We are your partner, from cradle to grave.

It’s called Attorney-Client Privilege and Confidentiality, and it’s incorporated into everything we do to help maintain and secure your privacy and security.

Law 4 Small Business (L4SB). A little law now can save a lot later.