Impressive Team

legal team

The pricing for our flat-rate legal services at L4SB are priced at, or very close to, the pricing one might find at non-legal competitors. The pricing is about the same, is the service about the same?

Our Team consists of the very best professionals: Licensed attorneys, certified paralegals and outstanding legal assistants. This is critical to ensure the people you work with understand the long-term issues associated with forming, managing, running or dismantling a company. You care about liability protection, privacy and minimizing long-term expenses associated with legal issues, and only trained professionals a law firm provides has such professionals at its disposal.

Are you really saving money “going with those other guys?” Not convinced the L4SB team is best for you?

Our non-legal competitors can have just about anyone work on your matters, even someone without any legal training or college education!

Only attorneys are required to carry insurance and hold themselves accountable to a regulatory agency. If an attorney makes a mistake, a client can hold the attorney (and law firm) accountable to that mistake, by law. Only attorneys are trained (and required to maintain yearly ongoing continuing education) to know what the law is, and are the only individuals entitled to provide legal advice of any kind whatsoever. No one, other than attorneys, may offer legal advice — not even state officials.

Did you know that a lawyer has as much education as a medical doctor?

Attorneys are college educated individuals, who have taken at least three (3) years of graduate education (on top of their 4-5 years of college), and have passed an arduous exam in the state(s) they practice law in. They are accountable to their state’s bar, and if they commit malpractice or violate their professional rules of conduct, they can be held accountable in the eyes of the law. In fact, an attorney can be sanctioned, disbarred, fined or jailed for a variety of offenses that just about anyone else would laugh off.

The difference between an attorney and everyone else?

Everyone ElseAttorneys
Review legal documents for basic errors and issues (spelling, capitalization, basic grammar, formatting)
Review legal documents for completeness of basic information
Can answer very basic questions of no legal significance
Can tell you the legal significance, meaning and application of arcane legal jargon, or otherwise provide complete answers and explanations to your questions
Review legal documents for structural and logical problems
Review legal documents for legal risks and problems
Review legal documents for perceived financial and business risks
Review to ensure you have the right legal documents, and are filled out properly to meet your particular needs (as communicated or made known to the reviewer)
Identify negotiating opportunities and make recommendations
Discuss your legal needs, and make legal suggestions and recommendations that best meet your needs
Ensure your privacy and confidentiality through heavily regulated professional rules of conduct
Legal documents are reviewed by a legal professional with a graduate-level education, not just a high-school diploma or 2-year college degree
Your questions and communications are immune from discovery, and otherwise cannot be introduced or used against you in a court of law, except in limited circumstances
Required to carry insurance, at the cost of thousands of dollars a year, to help protect clients
Your important legal documents and issues are actually addressed and considered, as well applied to your unique and particular circumstances (as communicated or made known to the reviewer)
Carefully regulated in each state, and may not provide services unless they pass an arduous and difficult exam to become certified, and then are usually required to take ongoing continuing education on a yearly basis
May not take your money in advance, unless the money is placed in a trust account
Money paid for services is heavily regulated through professional rules of conduct

All Filing Services by L4SB are Performed by Attorneys or Paralegals

At L4SB, filing services are fulfilled by attorneys, paralegals or legal assistants (the last two under the supervision of attorneys). This is only possible because L4SB is a law firm.

The choice is clear: who do you want to help you with your important legal documents? For about the same price, an attorney or someone else not an attorney?