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Small Business Law Products & Services

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Professional Consults Licensed Attorneys & Expert Professionals

Business & Contracts Attorney

Business and contracts attorneys, licensed in California (CA), Georgia (GA), Illinois (IL), New Mexico (NM) and Texas (TX).

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Partnerships, LLC’s & Corporations Attorney

Licensed in California (CA), Georgia (GA), Illinois (IL), New Mexico (NM) and Texas (TX).

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Trademarks & IP Attorney

Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, licensed in Illinois (IL), New Mexico (NM), Texas (TX) and federally.

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Tax and Taxation Attorney

Tax attorney for tax structures, advice and issues, for federal issues with the IRS, licensed in New Mexico (NM).

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NM Cannabis Attorney Consult

You have questions about NM Cannabis Laws and licensure issues, and we have answers. Talk with a NM-licensed cannabis attorney now.

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Business Valuation Professional

Advice on business valuations and the factors that influence pricing. NO valuation for your business with this consult.

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Business Formation Products & Services

Form an LLC

Fast, affordable and effective formation services for your limited liability company (LLC), including all docs and Operating Agreement.

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Form An Anonymous LLC

Protect your identity with an anonymous LLC. L4SB will act as your organizer and registered agent, so the State of NM will not know ownership information.

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Form A Foreign LLC

Is your current LLC doing business in another state? If so, you need to register it as a Foreign LLC to avoid problems down the road.

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Form A Corporation

Leverage the expertise of L4SB to help you form your new C-Corporation or S-Corporation, with the right paperwork and filings to the State.

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Registered Agent Services

Need a high quality Registered Agent in your state? All states served. Great for businesses without a physical address.

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Corporate Paperwork Package

With our Corporate Paperwork Package, L4SB will securely store and maintain the corporate documents for your company. No more tracking down or worrying about where your documents are. Simply request your documents at any time and we’ll make them available to you. Starting at $34/month, with key benefits for company maintenance.

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Intellectual Property Products & Services

Trademark Registration

Licensed trademark attorneys on your case for the same cost as “the other guys.” Includes free trademark assessment.

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Trademark / Trade name Assessment

L4SB will conduct a risk assessment of your name against registered trademarks and common-law marks, using a “likelihood of confusion” analysis.

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Trademark Office Actions, Renewals & Declarations

An experienced trademark attorney will look at the notice you received from the USPTO and advise you with a flat-rate quote to respond.

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Trademark Monitoring

Now that your trademark is approved, you need to police and enforce it. Use L4SB’s “Professional Grade” services to help you.

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Consult with a Trademark Attorney

Want to talk to a licensed trademark attorney before proceeding? For a low flat-rate cost, you can speak with L4SB’s trademark attorneys.

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Licensing Agreements

Are you planning to license your software, invention or art? Make sure that you are protected with a L4SB Custom licensing agreement.

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The Couture Operating Agreement for LLC’s

Use our expert system to build a sophisticated, high-quality, highly customized Operating Agreement for your LLC. It’s the best in the business.

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Flat-Rate Contract Review

For $20/page (min. 5 pages), L4SB contract attorneys will read and review your contract, and advise you on issues identified.

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Template Contracts

Just want a template document to get started? L4SB templates are the initial starting point for our contracts attorneys.

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Contract Drafting & Creation

Does your business need a custom contract? Time to call a lawyer. Let one of L4SB’s expert contract attorneys write one for you.

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Let L4SB negotiate on behalf of your businesses best interests. A must for buying, selling or shutting down a business. Call for details.

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Contract Disputes

For a flat-rate fee, L4SB litigators will write a letter on your behalf and make a legal demand for the goals and objectives you indicate.

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Dispute Resolution Products & Services

Cease & Desist Letters or Demand Letters

We will generate a “Demand Letter” or “Cease and Desist Letter”, after reviewing your documents and information, and advising you on the best approach.

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Collect a Debt

Hire L4SB to generate a “Demand Letter” after reviewing your documents and information, and advising you on the best approach forward.

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Enforce a Contract

Let an expert L4SB attorney look over you contract and determine the best course of action for you and your business. Get what’s yours.

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Suing or Being Sued

Are you considering a lawsuit? Have you been sued? Don’t fight it alone! Our attorneys can help you make sense of the situation.

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Settlement Agreements

Hire L4SB to negotiate the best possible settlement for you and your business—outside of court.

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Liens & Security Interests

Hire L4SB to fight for your right to a piece of tangible property owed to you or your small business.

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Dissolve a LLC

Dissolving a LLC is oftentimes more work than simply sending in a form. Trust L4SB to help guide you through this difficult process.

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Dissolve a Corporation

Let the professionals help you with properly closing and dissolving your Corporation. We take the guesswork out of this important effort.

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Registered Agent

Registered Agent Services provided for all 50 states. Use a licensed business attorney for your companies registered agent.

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Move LLC to Another State

Do you need to move your LLC to another state? Our flat-rate service is just what you need to quickly and affordably move your LLC as appropriate, with different options to meet your specific needs.

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Move Corporation to Another State

You have several options, depending on whether you need to preserve your FEIN. Get started to learn more about your options and costs.

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Annual Reports

Enjoy peace of mind that the filing will be completed on-time, accurately, and with an eye towards privacy. Let L4SB do your filings for you. Click on the “Get Started” link to learn more and see pricing.

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