Corporations are the most common type of business entity in the U.S. They offer maximum growth potential over other business entities because they can sell stocks to attract investors.

What is a Corporation?

corporation (often called a C-Corp or S-Corp) is a type of corporate entity whereby the owners (a group of people called shareholders) are authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and are recognized as such in law. Corporations continue to remain very popular, even with the increase in the popularity of LLC’s, because of the prestige, flexibility, liability protection and tax treatment that corporations provide. Only a corporation (C-Corp in particular) can ever become a public company and publicly traded.

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How Corporations Work

C-Corporations are their own taxable entities, and as such, are taxed very much like a person (although they have their own tax rules and rates). S-Corporations are “pass-through” entities, and its profits and losses are apportioned amongst the shareholders according to ownership or their capital accounts.

Corporations are governed by a Bylaws and a Board of Directors. S-Corporation can benefit from a Partnership Agreement, although it is not required. Bylaws are relatively straightforward and control how the corporation is managed, how the corporation can be dissolved, how it adds new shareholders, how existing shareholders can be removed or resign, and many other issues about the corporation. State law requires Bylaws, and if you have one or more partners, you should strongly consider a Partnership Agreement (or Buy/Sell Agreement) to help address issues outside of the typical Bylaws (for example, do you want right of first refusal to buy your partner’s shares, if he or she leaves, dies or becomes incapacitated?).

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