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Expungement of a Criminal Record


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Depending on the Level of Assistance Desired, our law firm will help you seek expungement of a criminal record under the New Mexico Criminal Record Expungement Act (NMCREA). Our fees do NOT guarantee a result, and once we start working on your behalf, our fees become non-refundable.

Help Remove Mugshots Only. This requires you have already obtained expungement, and are seeking assistance in removing reference to your arrest from the Internet. We will generate demand letters on your behalf, and send them to relevant websites, including and others.

Prepare Paperwork Only. This is ONLY AVAILABLE for identity theft and arrests only, not convictions. We will prepare the paperwork necessary to file a petition with the court. You will need to take appear on court on your own under this option.

Prepare Paperwork and Go to Court. This is ONLY AVAILABLE for identity theft and arrests only, not convictions. Not only will we prepare the necessary paperwork to file a petition, but we will also appear on your behalf in court and coach you as appropriate.

The All Inclusive (Non-Conviction). This is ONLY AVAILABLE for identity theft and arrests only, not convictions. We will do all the above, for as long as it takes. We will coach you. We will contact the DA’s office, talk to other witnesses and character witnesses to maximize your chances of success.

The All Inclusive (For all matters, including Convictions). Obtaining an expungement for a conviction is a lot of work, and the chances of success will greatly depend on a number of issues outside our control, including whether the DA’s office will object, the availability of character witnesses, and a number of other issues. Therefore, we DO NOT have a flat-price for this. We simply charge for our time at the rate of $325/hour billed in 0.1hr increments. We need a $2,000 retainer to bill our time against, and you will be required to maintain this retainer balance over time, as we progress on your case. The final amount spent obtaining an expungement is difficult to predict, but it will be more than this initial $2,000.

For all but the Remove Mugshots only, we will:

  • Open a matter on your behalf
  • Build your case file
  • Work with you to flesh out the best possible circumstances to argue your case
  • File a complaint in the relevant court to seek Expungement under the Act

If we go to court on your behalf (Either of the All Inclusive, or the Prepare Paperwork and Go to Court, we will also:

  • Attend all court hearings as necessary and work with you and the courts
  • Coach you to help you represent yourself in the best possible light in front of the court
  • Talk to character witnesses (if relevant), and work with you to build the best possible case

You must:

  • Be honest with us at all times, and quickly provide all documents we request of you
  • Attend all court hearings, professionally dressed, clean, well-groomed and ready to knock the socks off the judge

We reserve the right to:

  • Drop your case, without any refund to you, if you are not honest with us or fail to attend any court hearing
  • Request additional payment, if by your actions, we are unable to prosecute your case expeditiously

For the All Inclusive (For all matters, including Convictions):

This is NOT a flat-rate offering. We will work on your case, and charge you for our time billed at the rate of $325/hour. The $2,000 charged is a retainer to be used on your behalf, and you will be required to keep the retainer at the $2,000 level as we work on your case.

Client understands and acknowledges that purchasing the services herein are subject to the following:

General Terms and Conditions

  • We cannot guarantee that you will obtain an expungement of your criminal record. Much depends on the factual circumstances and the courts.
  • Once we begin working on your case, $1,000 of your flat-rate fee is not refundable.
  • We begin working on your case, once you first meet or talk with the attorney assigned to your case.
  • Once we file any court documents on your behalf, the remainder of your flat-rate fee is not refundable.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • We will REFUND YOU IN FULL, at your request, provided we have not performed any services on your behalf.
  • We are a law firm and governed by the Professional Rules of Conduct for Attorneys in all states we are licensed. This means you have certain rights as a client. One of those rights, when we charge you for this service, is your money will be held in an IOLTA Trust account, and we are required to REFUND YOU FULLY for any services not performed.
  • We reserve the right to amend these policies, without notice, especially when required to bring our policies into compliance with the Professional Rules of Conduct or any legal or fiduciary requirements for trust account maintenance and accounting.
  • We will cancel your order, at our discretion, if you are unresponsive or otherwise fail to answer our questions to our satisfaction. If we cancel for this reason, we will issue you a refund less five hundred ($500) dollars to cover our time trying to reach you and putting your file together. Typically, we will not cancel your order, unless we have been unable to move your order forward for six (6) months or more.
  • We will first attempt to issue you a refund using the same payment method you used to pay for your order. If that fails (i.e. because we’re beyond the deadline to do this — typically six (6) months for credit cards), we will issue a check to the name used on the payment method (i.e. if Joe ordered from us, but used Jane’s credit card, we will issue the refund to Jane).
  • Finally, if we are unable to contact you after a long period of time (as defined by New Mexico’s Uniform Unclaimed Property Act), we are legally required to follow the requirements of this Act. Specifically, this Act requires that we issue public notice in appropriate newspapers and follow a specific process in an attempt to reach you. If we fail to reach you, as required in the Act, we are required to give the funds to the State of New Mexico, less our expenses in starting the case, putting your file together, and trying to reach and find you. If we do find you (or your estate contacts us), we will issue an appropriate refund to you (or your estate) less any services already performed (i.e. less $500 for our services related to the preparation, processing and handling of your order, and less any other services we have provided), and less our expenses performing the activities required under the Act).

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