File Statement of Use (SOU) or Extension for Trademark


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L4SB’s licensed and experienced trademark attorneys will file your Statement of Use (SOU) or Extension for your Trademark (Section 1(b) Filings).

What’s Included:

  • Case handled by a trademark attorney.
  • Reviewing file and answering your questions.
  • Assistance with the proper specimens for Statement of Use (SOU) filings.
  • Proper filing with the US Patent & Trademark Office

What’s not Included:

  • This service is provided for only one (1) Sect 1(b) trademark SOU or extension, no additional filings or assistance is provided.
  • This service covers up to the submission of the SOU or extension, it does not cover any work that may be needed after the SOU or extension is submitted, including but not limited to responses to Office Actions (i.e. the USPTO rejects your specimens for a SOU).