Registered Agent

$129.00 / year

L4SB offers Registered Agent services in all states for LLC’s and corporations, for as little as $129/year!

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L4SB as Your Registered Agent

Need a High-Quality Registered Agent in Your State?

What’s Included:

  • Price is an annual rate
  • Email delivery of digital copies of any legal/state documents received as your Registered Agent
  • Great for businesses without a physical address in the state they are incorporated

Terms for Registered Agent

  • L4SB reserves the right to resign as the Registered Agent, if it is not paid or L4SB determines the information it has on file is false or L4SB is unable to forward correspondence sent to the Registered Agent due to inaccurate information on file.
  • L4SB’s ability to forward correspondence sent to the Registered Agent is dependent upon the accuracy of the information on file, and you are required to keep that information up to date. If your contact information changes, you must notify L4SB in writing to update your contact information.
  • L4SB reserves the right to immediately terminate service if it determines, in its sole discretion, that its services are being used for illegal purposes or to commit fraud.
  • If your Registered Agent services are terminated for any reason, it is your responsibility to appoint a new registered agent with the state where your LLC is filed. If you do not, L4SB may resign and that could put your LLC into “not good standing” status with the State. Or if you don’t change the Registered Agent yourself, we may still receive legal notices on behalf of your company – but they will not be forwarded because your service was terminated. This could expose you to default judgements.