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Virtual Mailbox

From: $20.00 / month

Get your virtual mailbox at L4SB. We will collect mail at this mailbox and forward it to you at your desired frequency.



Get your virtual mailbox at L4SB. We will collect mail at this mailbox and forward it to you at your desired frequency. With a virtual mailbox, you can further preserve your personal privacy, use it as a business address, or use it to keep your mail orderly. It is like having a post office box without having to check on it yourself. Our virtual mailbox service is just $40 per month plus postage and includes one sending at the end of each month. There are no commitments, and you can cancel anytime. If you want us to send your mail more often or at a different time, we will do that too for an additional $10 handling fee plus postage per send.

Terms for Virtual Mailbox

  • Up to two (2) mail recipients (additional mail recipients at a cost of $10/month each).
  • You may terminate your Virtual Mailbox at any time. L4SB will not lock you into a contract.
  • If you terminate your Virtual Mailbox, you are responsible for changing the physical mailing address of the LLC at the State where registered. If you do not do this within thirty (30) days of cancelling, L4SB reserves the right to change it to your last known address — which may destroy the anonymity of your LLC. L4SB specifically disclaims any and all liability associated with changing your physical mailing address as permitted in this paragraph.
  • You must submit USPS Form 1583, notarized, with copies of the proof of identification in order for L4SB to issue you a virtual mailbox.
  • L4SB will hold any mail delivered to your Virtual Mailbox, and forward to you in physical mail once per month for the price indicated. You have the option to request additional “sends” per month, at the rate of $10/send/month plus our expenses mailing to you. You can also request “ad hoc” sends, at the cost of $10, plus our expenses mailing to you.
  • You understand and acknowledge that our ability to send you your mail, is contingent upon keeping your contact information up to date. If you your contact information changes, you must notify L4SB in writing to update your contact information. L4SB may require an updated USPS Form 1583 in such circumstances.
  • The L4SB Virtual Mailbox is subject to USPS regulations.
  • L4SB may terminate your Virtual Mailbox, if it is not paid, or determines in its sole discretion, that its services are being used for illegal purposes or to commit fraud – subject and as permitted according to USPS regulations.