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How Do I Add New Owners to a LLC?

This is a good question, and the answer can be easy or it can be complicated. It also depends on the status of the existing LLC. Ask yourself the following...

Tax Status for Companies

Which tax status is right for your company? Learn more about the four ways that companies can be taxed.

What Else Is There, After I Form a Company?

If you’ve just formed a company (or ordered a formation from us), congrats! You’ve just taken the first step of a very important, miles-long journey, that is establishing a business....

Which LLC Needs a FEIN?

Before I begin, please understand that the IRS has many rules that govern FEIN’s, when they are required and the issues behind applying for FEIN’s. If you want to get...

Can I keep anonymous from banks?

Anonymity means keeping your name off the Internet. That doesn’t mean you can keep your name from vendors, utilities, banks, etc. Those folks are supposed to keep your information confidential,...