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How to Write an Effective Proposal

Can You Sell Yourself? Imagine you are taking about your business to a potential client. They love the idea and want to hear more. Can you pitch your whole business in 60 seconds? Ready…set…GO! Not so simple is it? What is your business? Software? Janitorial? SEO Marketing? Water filtration? Contractor? Many businesses sell complex, custom […]

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Does Your LLC Have a Proper Operating Agreement?

‘Shotgun’ Weddings and LLC’s You (hopefully) would not get married to someone without getting to know them first and having a plan for the marriage. The same goes for forming a limited liability company (or LLC). We see this so often, we thought it would be appropriate to write about. LLC’s are a very popular […]

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The Faux Contradiction of Contracts

Just the other day, I picked up my daughter from school. She announced to myself and my other daughter in the car at the time, that she “made friends with students IN Los Lunas.” Now, we are in Albuquerque, and Los Lunas is a 45-minute drive, and I knew my daughter was not in Los […]

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Commercial Leases: Avoid Getting Screwed

I’ll be the first to admit the title to this blog article is a bit raw or aggressive. I considered something subtler, like “Commercial Leases – Small Businesses Beware” or “Don’t Get Bitten by a Bad Commercial Lease.”  However, the fact of the matter is, many small businesses are absolutely taken to the cleaners by […]

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Consistency: The key ingredient in any magic sauce

In my previous blog post, I talked about how Evergreen Clauses should be avoided in your contracts. In this article, I talk about another thing to avoid in your contracts: inconsistency. Interesting, though, is that consistency is a critical business attribute that is required in more than just contracts. I had an interesting experience with […]

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Contract Tip: Avoid Evergreen Clauses

Buy or Sell a Business

If you’re interested in Evergreen Clauses, you should consider L4SB’s flat-rate contract review. Only $20/page (minimum 5 pages). In my previous blog post, Not incorporating is risky business, I suggested everyone in business for themselves should incorporate their business. This article will be helpful for anyone, whether they are incorporated or not. It is the […]

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Flat Rate Contract Review: $20/page

Reviewing Contracts

An aggressive rate, an aggressive offering Attorneys are loath to quote fixed-fee or flat-fee pricing for good reason: Everyone’s needs are different, and it’s very difficult to cast a broad and generalized brush for everyone, so as to be able to publish a “rate” for a specific offering. Especially involving legal matters. The phrase “one […]

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