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trademark office action

Trademark Office Action

USPTO calls it an Office Action, but let’s call it what it really is; It’s a rejection letter. For lack of a better metaphor, they have swiped left on your...

trademark a surname

Can You Trademark a Surname?

Many people believe that they have the right to use their last name (i.e. surname) as part of their business name.  This makes sense, as many people share the same...

avoiding trademark ownership pitfalls

Avoiding Trademark Ownership Pitfalls

We help a lot of small businesses protect their trademarks and one issue that comes up frequently is identifying the correct owner.  This is the very first entry you must...

alternative facts

Alternative Facts

We’ve written before about the importance of acting quickly when it comes to registering your trademark. Even if you are entitled to registration, waiting to file can add significant delay...


Can You Trademark the Word Trademark?

Can you trademark the word trademark? Or would the USPTO deny such an application? Looking to trademark the word trademark is not a simple endeavor...

trademark intent to use

Trademark Intent to Use

Considering filing your trademark? Filing a Trademark Intent to Use could save you big when it comes to your trademark. A Trademark Intent to Use means...

brands 2

Standard Character Marks vs Stylized Logos

Registering your Trademark: Standard Character Mark or Stylized Logo? Whether you are just starting your business or getting ready to expand, one of the most important assets you have is...