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Last year has been tough for small businesses.
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Our bankruptcy consultation is billed in half hour increments with no minimums or hidden fees. Pay for only what you need.


Put experienced business lawyers on your side. We will take the time to discuss your unique situation and provide feedback that lets you take the next steps with confidence.

Licenced Bankruptcy Attorney

You’ll speak with a licenced bankruptcy attorney. Our bankruptcy attorneys specialize in all areas and stages of bankruptcy law. Whether you or your business is thinking about filing for bankruptcy or it looks like you’ll need to go to court, we can help you through it.

How to make bankruptcy work for you:

Our bankruptcy consultation is designed for business owners experiencing serious issues servicing their debts to explore bankruptcy options. Bankruptcy can be a useful tool for debtors who need to shed or restructure their debt.

Sometimes, the threat of bankruptcy is all that is needed to bring creditors to the negotiating table. From there, you may negotiate a reduction in the debt, a lower interest rate, or a longer repayment term with lower installment payments.

Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to either approach and it is important that these are well understood before taking action. It is also important to remember that your credit is impacted as soon as you file for bankruptcy, even if your application is rejected.

A consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is your best first step to getting the relief you need quickly while avoiding costly errors.

We Make It Easy to Get Professional Bankruptcy Advice

  • Licenced Bankruptcy Attorney.
  • 100% confidential.
  • Fast and easy scheduling.
  • Learn what you may qualify for.
  • Which chapter to file.
  • Billed in 30 minute increments. Pay for only what you need.

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