Corporate Paperwork Package

From: $34.00 / month

Let L4SB maintain the corporate documents for your company, starting at $34/month, with key benefits for company maintenance.


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The Corporate Paperwork Package

Take the worry out of maintaining your company paperwork. For a low monthly fee, L4SB will provide you with the tools to maintain your formation paperwork, and discounted services when you need them.

What’s Included:

  • (Optional) Review and audit of existing Corporate Paperwork
  • (Optional) Attorney-on-Call: Priority handling of your calls to our attorneys for quick questions, without additional fees.
  • Secure, cloud-based storage of all Corporate Paperwork, available at a moment’s notice
  • Annual “checkups,” where L4SB sends a comprehensive questionnaire to generate corporate meeting minutes and corporate resolutions
  • FREE submission of annual reports / franchise taxes (not including the state fees associated with such submissions)
  • FREE amendments to the Articles (not including the state fees associated with such amendments)
  • FREE template contracts at any time, from our library of templates
  • FREE new Operating Agreement at any time (for LLCs), using our Couture Operating Agreement expert system
  • FREE template Bylaws when needed (for Corporations)

Terms for the Corporate Paperwork Package

  • NO REFUNDS. This is a month-to-month service, and you may cancel at any time or you can change the type of plan to suit your needs at any time.
  • The fees and benefits apply on a PER COMPANY BASIS. If you own two companies, and you want this service for both companies, you must pay for two subscriptions. There is no sharing of the benefits between companies.
  • If we receive a valid and authoritative subpoena or court order, we may be forced to release your Corporate Paperwork Package to the relevant authority. We will notify you if we receive any such subpoena or court order.
  • We are a paperless office, and only maintain electronic versions of the Corporate Paperwork. You should not release and documents to us, original or otherwise, that you wish to preserve. Instead, please scan in any documents you want in our possession, and retain the originals.
  • L4SB reserves the right to terminate services, if it is not paid or L4SB determines the information it has on file is false or L4SB is unable to maintain a complete corporate paperwork package.
  • L4SB’s ability to maintain a complete corporate paperwork package is dependent upon our client’s ability to keep us informed. If your contact information changes, you must notify L4SB in writing to update your contact information.
  • L4SB reserves the right to immediately terminate service if it determines, in its sole discretion, that its services are being used for illegal purposes or to commit fraud.
  • The Optional “Initial Audit of Paperwork” is not a comprehensive legal opinion of the substantive legal framework of the documents (I.e. We don’t determine whether your paperwork adequately covers partnership issues given the particular personalities of the partners). Rather, we look at the documents to determine whether the paperwork package is complete, what documents may be missing and how the paperwork package can be beefed-up to maximize liability and asset protection, and minimize the opportunity for plaintiff’s counsel to make a “piercing the corporate veil” argument based on the sufficiency of the corporate paperwork.
  • The Optional “Attorney-on-Call” means an attorney will call you back within 4-business hours or less (MST timezone), and answer your questions for up to 15-minutes without charge. You can call up to the indicated number of times per month, without additional charge. No refunds or credits for calling less than the number of indicted times, or talking less than the reserved 15-minutes. L4SB reserves the right to select the specific attorney you will talk to — no promises or reservations on the specific attorney you will have access to.