LLC Dissolution


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Properly Dissolve a LLC

L4SB will help you dissolve an LLC

What’s Included:

  • Review by a licensed attorney
  • Proper form or forms, with help through the process
  • Cancellation of Foreign LLC Filings, if applicable
  • We will cancel any relevant subscriptions (i.e. Virtual Mailbox and/or Registered Agent) that you may have with L4SB (although we do recommend you keep the Registered Agent in place for up to 6 years after dissolving your LLC).

What’s NOT Included:

Our pricing assumes a simple dissolution without any additional requirements or obligations owed or due by the company. Therefore, anything requiring additional funds or legal effort to close the company is not included. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Any third-party, state or other fees (i.e. other than the dissolution fee) or penalties owed by the company
  • Any outstanding taxes, debts or other obligations of the company
  • Resolving any disputes or negotiating with anyone, including partners, former clients or the IRS
  • Notices to third-parties or invocation of wind-down provisions in existing contracts
  • Tax-related issues, such as final tax reports or other tax-related obligations or notice requirements

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • There is NO REFUND for this service.
  • Note that our services INCLUDE evaluating, preparation, processing and handling, even if we end up not submitting your dissolution to the state (for whatever reason).
  • We will cancel your order, at our discretion, if you are unresponsive or otherwise fail to answer our questions to our satisfaction. If we cancel for this reason, we will NOT issue you a refund.
  • If we do refund your money (at our discretion), we will first attempt to issue you a refund using the same payment method you used to pay for your order. If that fails (i.e. because we’re beyond the deadline to do this — typically six (6) months for credit cards), we will issue a check to the name used on the payment method (i.e. if Joe ordered from us, but used Jane’s credit card, we will issue the refund to Jane).

No. This is not true, and dangerous.

If your current LLC has existing debts, when you dissolve your LLC, the very entity that is shielding you from personal liability disappears — thereby transferring those debts to you personally.

If you are trying to cancel debts and other obligations of your LLC, do not simply dissolve your LLC. Instead, consult with a bankruptcy attorney to understand your options and the implications.

No. Dissolving your LLC simply renders the LLC inactive with the appropriate state agency (i.e. Secretary of State). Annual fees and dues will no longer accrue with that agency, but you will still need to file your final taxes as appropriate, and/or issue a notice of termination with the appropriate state agency.

This service does not help you with the state agency to terminate tax obligations.

Probably not. In most cases, the state will require you to pay up what you owe, before permitting you to dissolve the entity.

Actually, we strongly encourage you to keep your Registered Agent in place, after you dissolve your LLC — for up to the statute of limitations of contracts (typically 6 years).

The reason is, if you dissolve your LLC and cancel your Registered Agent, you may miss important legal notices sent to the company after dissolution. This risks a default judgement, even after the company has been dissolved.

If this happens, such a default judgement will pass to you, and there’s really nothing you can do about it. Don’t let that happen to you, and by keeping your Registered Agent in place, you help prevent something like that happening to you.