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Register your LLC as a foreign Limited Liability Company (Foreign LLC)

L4SB will register your LLC as a Foreign LLC

What’s Included:

  • Review by a licensed attorney
  • Name availability verification (if available)
  • Proper filing with for the state of your choice
  • 15 minutes of FREE Q&A with an experienced attorney in LLC’s

Client understands and acknowledges that purchasing the services herein are subject to the following:

General Terms and Conditions

  • This service includes our preparation, processing and handling (valued at $150) of your formation, and the submission of your application (remainder of fees). Our services are completed once your entity is registered, and we’ve completed any additional options or professional assistance you ordered.
  • We cannot guarantee that your company name is available in the state or states you want to registeerd, nor that it can be filed exactly as you’ve requested. For example, while your company is fine in its domestic state, there could be a pre-existing company with the same name in the state you want to register your company. If this happens, there may be extra fees related to filing a DBA or taking other measures to deal with the problem.
  • You will be billed $129/year after the first year, for Registered Agent services. If you cancel, we will resign as your Registered Agent and your LLC will go into “not good standing” with the Secretary of State and eventually be dissolved, if you do not find a replacement Registered Agent.
  • Expedited times are approximates only. Law 4 Small Business will usually process your order in 1 to 2 business days, but we are dependent on the relevant state agencies and sometimes, the US Postal Service.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • We will REFUND YOU IN FULL, at your request, provided we have not performed any services on your behalf. There is NO REFUND for completed services.
  • Note that our services INCLUDE preparation, processing and handling (valued at $150), even if we end up not registering your company (for whatever reason). Therefore, if we’ve spent time on your behalf in the preparation, processing or handling of your order, we reserve the right to deduct $150 from any refund you request. Preparation, processing and handling includes trying to contact you to verify and approve our work, even if you fail to respond to us.
  • We will cancel your order, at our discretion, if you are unresponsive or otherwise fail to answer our questions to our satisfaction. If we cancel for this reason, we will NOT issue you a refund unless you request it. If you do request it and we issue a refund, it will be less $150 for our services related to the preparation, processing and handling of your order, and less any other services we have provided (i.e. if you ordered a document, and we sent you that document, we will deduct the cost for that document from your refund). Typically, we will not cancel your order, unless we have been unable to move your order forward for eight (8) months or more.
  • We will first attempt to issue you a refund using the same payment method you used to pay for your order. If that fails (i.e. because we’re beyond the deadline to do this — typically six (6) months for credit cards), we will issue a check to the name used on the payment method (i.e. if Joe ordered from us, but used Jane’s credit card, we will issue the refund to Jane).

Important LLC Disclaimers

  • L4SB makes no representation as to whether you are “transacting business” in your home state, or any other state. If you decide you’re transacting business in state other than the state where your LLC is formed, talk to L4SB to discuss registration requirements in any state where you may be “transacting business”.
  • Attorney-client privilege and confidentiality is not absolute. If L4SB is subpoenaed by a court or state entity of competent jurisdiction, L4SB will have to respond although L4SB will coordinate with you and/or your local attorney.
  • It is critical you do not commingle funds, undercapitalize your LLC, or do anything else that would permit a plaintiff to “pierce the corporate veil”, otherwise you could lose your liability protection. Talk to L4SB to learn more.
  • You may be required to file initial reports or annual reports for your LLC. We are not responsible for these reports, although we will answer your questions if you ask us.

No, it is not.

Think of a “Foreign LLC” as sort of like dual citizenship: You have two passports from two different countries, indicating that you are a citizen of two countries. You’re still one person. One social security number (at least from the US).

A Foreign LLC (or Foreign Corporation) is very similar: It’s one company that is registered in two or more states, so that it is lawful to conduct business in those states.

Depending on the tax status of your company, it could complicate taxes. For example, if your LLC is taxed as a C-Corp, them you will need to apportion your company’s revenues between the various states its registered, and submit appropriate state tax income returns. Please consult with a tax professional to better understand how this works.

No, you do not.

But, it’s very hard to answer which states you do need to register your company in.

Our advice is as follows: You should be registering your company in each state that you’re lawfully “conducting business in”, as each state individually defines “conducting business” in their state.

It’s really hard to give you a set of rules for all states. What we can say is, if you’re “purposefully availing yourself” of a state, you’re doing business in the state. What is “purposefully availing yourself?” If you have a base operations in a state, that’s probably “purposefully availing yourself.” So would having W2 employees in a state. And, singling out a state for marketing purposes. Another general rule is, if 25% or more of your income is coming from one particular state, then you’re probably doing business in that state.

Each company is different, though, and just because you’re a consultant and a big client is in a state for 6 months, then you’re off to another state, probably doesn’t rise to the level of “conducting business in” a state. You really need to consult with a locally licensed business attorney to help you understand what a specific state’s requirements are, and whether your business falls within those requirements.

All we can do at L4SB, is provide general guidance.